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ARTECHOUSE Launches Geometric Property— an Immersive Tech Installation by Julius Horsthuis

ARTECHOUSE, the most technologically advanced exhibition space in New York, is launching their new art piece called Geometric Property. Created by the award-winning Dutch artist Julius Horsthuis, the piece is an augmented reality audio-visual experience crafted using augmented reality and immersive technology that highlights the beauty of nature, architecture, and mathematics. The exhibition will be on display till the 7th of September 2021.

ARTECHOUSE, an innovative exhibition space founded by Tatiana Pastukhova and Sandro Kereselidze, is known for showcasing genre-breaking art installations. The founders stated that they want the space to become one that pushes the boundaries of conventional genre and promotes such artists everywhere. They aim to break the boundaries by showcasing more technology-driven art pieces.

In their line of innovative installation, Horsthuis’s piece is their latest addition. The immersive audio-visual installation depicts the endless geometric patterns across fractal dimensions. The artist stated that he was inspired to create this piece by the idea of mathematics being Nature’s language. Bearing this in mind, he wanted to create a world free from the intricacies of daily, mundane life.

ARTECHOUSE Launches Geometric Property— an Immersive Tech Installation by Julius Horsthuis

As the global pandemic continues to trouble the world, Geometric Property offers to present a reimagined alternate reality where, instead of divisions and diseases, harmony and healing prevails. Horsthuis says that it does not intend to illustrate a utopian fantasy; rather he wants to move the viewers with the endless iterations of the unseen geometric fractals. To make the audio-visual experience complete, Geometric Properties also feature original music scores by David Levy and Michael Stearns.

The Power of Augmented Reality and Immersive Technology

For a piece like Geometric Property, it might be difficult to fully experience and understand an immersive tech installation at a conventional exhibition house. ARTECHOUSE bridges the gap by utilizing unique architectural spaces and cutting-edge designing tools. As you step into the exhibition of Geometric Properties, you will come across an unending series of geometric patterns sprawled across the walls and the floor. The patterns would prompt a sense of amazement and self-reflection, allowing the viewers to visualize themselves within a larger system. Horsthuis wants to make them realize that they are a part of a bigger whole through this art piece.

This is reportedly Horsthuis’s second collaboration with ARTECHOUSE, but his first-ever solo exhibition in New York. His big break into the world of immersive tech and visual effects occurred through his previous works in films Koning van Katoren and Manchester by the Sea.

ARTECHOUSE—the Immersive Tech Hub

A trailblazer in its domain, ARTECHOUSE launched its first immersive tech exhibition in Washington DC in the year 2017. After a year, they also opened their exhibition in Miami, followed by New York City. Besides extending their establishments, ARTECHOUSE also introduced an augmented reality app that guests can use to view the hidden gems of their exhibition, as well as other virtual art pieces. Since the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, they have added augmented reality features in their app. This enables viewers to experience and enjoy cutting-edge art free of cost, that too from the comfort of home.

Geometric Properties is open to all ages and will be showcased till 7th September 2021 at ARTECHOUSE NYC.




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