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AR display company OQmented raises $20M Series A funding

Earlier this week, OQmented, a supplier of MEMS-based augmented and mixed reality (AR/MR) display solutions and 3D sensor systems, reported that it had secured $20 million in a new Series A investment effort.

One of the key producers of electronic equipment and displays, Sharp, participated in the fundraising phase as a major shareholder. Salvia, and Vsquared Ventures, among other current investors, also played an active role in the financing.

According to OQmented, it allows technology firms and eyewear producers to create fashionable, all-day wearable AR and MR spectacles. To do this, the business uses laser beam scans to create small, MEMS-based light engines.

OQmented claims that this kind of innovation is better than competing methods in a number of ways, like reduced battery usage, improved display quality, a smaller footprint, and increased image contrast.

The firm highlighted these as necessary qualities for consumer AR glasses to be lightweight enough for usage in the great outdoors. In this way, OQmented’s goal of being a strong catalyst for commercial AR technology glasses is bolstered by the cooperation agreement with Sharp.

OQmented plans to use Sharp’s electronic appliance and screen production experience in tandem with its own proprietary intellectual property (IP) and capabilities in LBS-based micro-displays to create innovative new products. As a consequence, the partnership will strengthen OQmented’s plan to provide whole illumination systems as easily deployable Plug and Play options.

OQmented’s co-CEO and co-founder, Thomas von Wantoch, remarked that tech giants and startups alike are working to perfect augmented reality spectacles for consumers that may one day replace smartphones. According to him, his team will employ the Series A financing to hasten the preparation of their light engines for the industry due to the high potential of the offering. He expressed that they are thrilled that Sharp, among the top providers of screens and electrical gadgets, has joined forces with the company as a key partner with a wealth of expertise.

Wantoch said that with this partnership, OQmented would be able to provide its clients with a comprehensive system consisting of the firm’s illumination engine along with embedded MEMS, laser, and electronic parts.

According to David Woodward, President of Sharp Devices Europe GmbH, the company is excited to increase its collaboration with OQmented and bring to life the growing market for smart AR and MR lenses, as well as the numerous distinct industries that stand to gain from OQmented’s pioneering innovations and breakthroughs. Thomas and Ulrich are at the helm of a cutting-edge startup that is advancing quickly thanks to their leadership and the trained staff of driven, energetic employees they are recruiting. We can’t wait to leverage the numerous shared goals combining OQmented and Sharp’s in-house R&D efforts and product manufacturing initiatives.

As it looks to get access to the American and Asian markets, OQmented revealed that it now has plans to increase its workplace and research facilities, as well as that it expects to add many important personnel and enhance its corporate development staff.

One can visit the company page for additional details on OQmented and their MEMS-based AR/MR screen technology.

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