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Apple’s speculated headset’s RealityOS appears in a trademark application

It is possible that an official announcement soon

The probable name of the new OS from Apple is RealityOS, and it runs on its speculated virtual and augmented reality headset. Parker Ortolani has spotted it in a trademark filing. Branding it as a ‘reality’ OS is not a new concept as reported several years back. Apple’s technological offerings have also had references to this term.

Apple hasn’t formally submitted the trademark registration However, it is standard procedure for big businesses to apply for trademark registrations under one-time company names to apply for trademarks. This is generally a strategy to keep the parent company anonymous during a product’s development phase.

The trademark application is the best new indication that Apple is about to unveil its highly anticipated headset. This was revealed after the board of directors of the company supposedly tried out the device sometime earlier. According to Bloomberg News, the headset was initially scheduled to be released in late 2022 following an unveiling at the company’s tech show. However, there are chances that this date will be pushed back due to multiple challenges in development. Based on the Bloomberg account, the headset’s release date has been postponed to 2023.

The trademark application mentions “wearable computer hardware” and claims to be linked to hardware, software, peripheral devices, and computer and electronic games design and development. The layout and features of the headset by Apple have been the subject of ongoing debate for many years now. However, according to a lot of reports, the company will be able to show an amalgamation of virtual and augmented reality perspectives. With this, the viewer will be immersed in a pool of digital content whilst superimposing virtual objects over the physical world.

It is important to note that the RealityOS brand name did not get applied by Apple directly. It was made by a business known as Realityo Systems LLC. However, according to Ortolani, the Realityo brand is not known to the public largely. It is only a shell company that is owned and run by Apple for maintaining confidentiality. According to 9to5Mac, Apple has previously used another such shell company named Yosemite Research LLC to create macOS update name registrations for offerings like Big Sur, Yosemite, and Monterey.

What’s remarkable is, Yosemite Research LLC and Realityo Systems LLC are both enlisted at the same address. It indicates the involvement of Apple. The RealityOS brand and service mark applications do not include any instances of the name being utilised in public. This indicates that the commodity with which they have been attributed is still to be released. These two are the two applications connected to Realityo Systems LLC.

The applications were recognised merely days prior to the annual developer conference of Apple held recently. There have been talks about the possibility of the headset being confirmed during the keynote event of Apple.

More news is expected from the technology giant in the near future about the launch of the headset product.

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