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Apple pitched MR headset to board of directors

The new headgear mixes augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) and is set to be the first significant additional category ever since the launch of the Apple Watch several years back.

According to Bloomberg, Apple’s board of directors was apparently shown a mixed reality (MR) headgear prototype, signalling that the firm’s upcoming major announcement might arrive shortly.

The headgear has virtual and augmented reality features and is set to be the latest upcoming addition to a category of products since 2015. Apple has reportedly advanced the production of its reality operating system (ROS). It is the system that would run on the headgear, and this implies that it might be available in the near future.

Apple intends to debut the headgear towards the end of this year or sometime during the 1st quarter of next year. According to reports, the release of the consumer version is scheduled for 2023.

The external cameras of the virtual reality headgear are intended to broadcast pictures to high-resolution monitors within the inner surface via a method referred to as “pass-through” AR. It also incorporates powerful CPUs akin to those used in the latest Mac machines, and ultra HD displays.

According to Bloomberg, whilst the initial model would have both VR and AR, Apple is also working on stand-alone AR glasses dubbed N421. These will be delivered a few years later according to estimates. AR works by superimposing digital data and visuals over real-world environments.

The latest gadget, designated N301, is said to have been in development since roughly 2015.

Based on the Bloomberg report, the developers behind the device have come across a range of hurdles during the process. This includes issues related to locating services and materials that would interest large sections of the audience base. According to Bloomberg, some of the noticeable technological problems include excessive heat and struggles related to enhancing the cameras included within the headset.

The same report also stated that the corporation is also working on AR versions of its core iPhone applications for the headgear, as well as new apps that will carry the capacity to stream immersive material and facilitate virtual meetings.

Although no pricing information has been released, many estimates have been made, stating that the headset can cost somewhere around $3,000.

Jony Ive, erstwhile chief designer at Apple had apparently challenged the plan to create a VR headset. However, he was a supporter of the concept of creating innovative AR headsets. According to Bloomberg, Ive, who departed the firm several years back, had also shelved the plans of developing headgear that has wireless connectivity with parts of a user’s home. When it is finally released, the MR headset will undoubtedly directly compete with other offerings from technology giants such as Microsoft and Meta. Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta, has recently showcased the corporation’s “Project Cambria” VR headgear. Interestingly, there are many similarities between that offering with what Apple is set to offer, with regards to both possessing pass-through AR. According to the firm, it will cost more than $800.

Apple is yet to reveal more about the headset.

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