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Apple introduces new AR device Vision Pro

Apple’s first major hardware reveal in over a decade was the release of the Apple Vision Pro AR headset.

The new headgear, according to Apple head Tim Cook, effortlessly combines the real and digital realms. The technology company recently unveiled improvements for the MacBook Air and the newest OS for the iPhone. The headset may be available in the United States at the beginning of next year for $3,499 or £2,849, and it boasts a two-hour power capacity.

Compared to other virtual reality headsets that are now available, the price is much greater. The Quest 3 game, which costs $499, was announced by Meta last week.

Apple made few comments about the hot topic of generative AI, which is the talk of Silicon Valley. The announcement, which was made at a developer’s event at Apple Park, the company’s base in Cupertino, California, saw a modest decline in stock value. Zoe Kleinman, the BBC’s tech editor, tried the revolutionary headgear. The BBC represented a few of the press agencies present during the unveiling.

According to Kleinman, after the company’s current chief executive Tim Cook assumed control more than a decade back, Apple hasn’t managed to produce a game-changing device, other than the Watch.

Apple Vision Pro appears different to comparable headgear on the shelves, as it appears to be more evocative of an ordinary pair of skiing glasses rather than a device that uses VR technology.

Apple chose the word augmented reality (AR) to explain what its latest gadget performs. By superimposing virtual things in actual surroundings, augmented reality, which is often referred to as mixed reality, enables users to combine the virtual and real worlds by peering via a display.

Kleinman expressed that the new device is similar to a cell phone, just bigger, more vibrant, and bolder and always in view, regardless of where they are.

It is marketed as a gadget that is firmly associated with becoming a component of everyday life, in contrast with numerous other types of headphones on the marketplace that focus mainly on immersive video games, according to her, by allowing people to perform tasks such as watching family videos, blowing out birthday candles or submerging oneself in photographs through rendering the panoramic photos life-size.

In a virtual environment, individuals can open applications, view films, and create papers. However, there hasn’t been any indication of a sizable demand for this sort of wearable technology.

Ms Kleinman remarked that the new device is just like a virtual reality headset, and elaborated further, saying that Apple is set to come up with new content offerings by the early phase of 2024.

MacRumors senior editor, Hartley Charlton was not certain how popular the headset might be.
He expressed that due to its extraordinarily costly price tag and early drawbacks as a first-gen gadget, such as its separate connected cell package, it will not initially attract mass users.

However, he stated that Apple has a history of conquering skepticism regarding new products and has traditionally persuaded consumers to spend money on a new technology.

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