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Amazon Fashion Launches Augmented Reality-based Shoe Try-Ons

Amazon Fashion, Amazon Inc.’s online fashion subsidiary, recently made an announcement regarding the launch of Virtual Try-On for Shoes. It is a vivid and immersive consumer experience based on augmented reality (AR) technology. It will let customers view exactly how a pair will appear and even glance at it from every angle, and to effectively update buying choices, whether when sitting at home or whilst on the go.

Customers that use the Amazon shopping software on iOS can utilise Virtual Try-On for Shoes to envision multitudes of sneaker fashions from manufacturers such as Puma, New Balance, Saucony, Reebok, Adidas, Asics, Superga, and Lacoste, as per Amazon. After selecting a shoe, customers can tap the “Virtual Try-On” icon on the item info section and spot their portable phone’s camera at hisher legs to see how well the shoes will appear. Consumers now can keep moving their feet over to notice what the sneaker appears to look like, from all directions. They can also utilise the slideshow to conveniently switch shades of the very same aesthetic without abandoning the experience.

Muge Erdirik Dogan, President of Amazon Fashion, stated that the primary objective of Amazon Fashion is to develop innovative perspectives that end up making online fashion shopping simpler and more pleasurable for buyers. The enterprise is delighted to bring Virtual Try-On for Shoes, which will permit customers to try on vast numbers of designs from manufacturers they adore, regardless of time or space constraints. It anticipates paying attention to and continuing to take lessons from customers ’ feedback. This will help them to further enhance what the experience has to offer, along with adding more brand names and designs.

Amazon also mentioned that Virtual Try-On for Shoes provides existing brands a fresh place to promote their merchandise and it will make purchasing various brand fashions extremely easy and even more engaging for shoppers.

Melissa Worth, Senior Vice President, North America, New Balance, also commented on the new Virtual Try-On functionality, saying that their brand is founded on advancements and boosting experiences for consumers. She expressed excitement on its behalf regarding the new opportunity to demonstrate their products within the Virtual Try-On for Shoes by Amazon Fashion. Worth said that it was congruent with the brand’s vision for putting efforts into raising customer engagement.

Amazon’s adoption of Virtual Try-On for footwear shoppers, and its reputation as a leading player in the online retail space, might indicate the beginnings of far more widespread augmented reality technology integration across multiple fashion and apparel categories.

Considering the fact that return shipping accounts for a substantial chunk of the transport expenditures for the online fashion sector, attempting to avert returns by allowing customers to try-on products virtually can indeed lead to a lot of cost savings. It has been observed that buyers often do return fashion items for reasons like bad fits.

Amazon users who are on the app, in the U.S.A. and Canada, can now start using the shoe try-on feature on their iOS devices. They can visit the web address to check out their favourite shoes. There are also plans for the feature to be rolled out to Android in the near future.

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