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8th Wall’s Reality Engine Drives Us Closer to the Metaverse

8th Wall has announced a brand-new webAR tool that helps to launch realistic webAR experiences easily across multiple platforms.

Reality Engine, a new webAR tool from 8th Wall is announced last week. This will make launching webAR experiences across all sorts of devices, including iOS, Android smartphones, computers, tabs as well as VR and AR headsets.

Reality Engine is an upgrade from the original AR Engine of 8th Wall. Reimagined and rebuilt from scratch, this all-new webAR tool is efficiently optimized to adapt to various devices using the cutting-edge Metaversal Deployment feature of the tool. With this feature, developers will be able to create the WebAR experiences once and further, launch their creations everywhere across the web. This will also potentially expand the accessibility to AR content created for training, marketing, workforce collaboration, and so much more. In short, 8th Wall is hopeful that the webAR tool will help to achieve the vision of Metaverse quickly and more effectively.

The reason Metaverse seems more achievable with Reality Engine is that the novel approach of the webAR tool will visibly change the way we experience the web as users. This innovative technology will allow us to access webAR content on multiple devices without any hassle. Moreover, the unique design of Reality Engine enables easier access to AR experiences by managing all kinds of mapping required for the users to faultlessly view, engage, and interact with various types of immersive content, no matter what your location or physical environment is.

The new approach of Reality Engine will also transform the traditional web experience from 2D to 3D with the help of AR technology. This can be a promising step towards ushering in the metaverse for more users around the globe. And it does not just stop here. The innovative technology could transform the meaning of responsive web design for the coming generations of smart devices, including VR wearables.

The Metaversal Deployment in Reality Engine uses five core features to make the technology work. They are Spatialized UI, Reality Application Runtime, Environment Mapping, Interaction Mapping, and Responsive Scale.

While introducing Reality Engine for the first time, Erik Murphy-Chutorian, Founder and CEO of 8th Wall, said that the project is just the beginning of the change in responsive web. He added that just like 2D websites adapted from desktops to smartphones, the immersive web also needs to react to various devices that are generally used to access them the same way. Therefore, the launch of this new webAR tool is a significant step-up into next-generation AR & VR experience. With this tool. Developers can now build webAR experiences that will be compatible across all types of devices, including smartphones, PCs, and headsets.

As announced, Reality Engine will be open for developers to access the webAR World Effects Project. It is available on 8th Wall’s website. New users can sign up for a 14-day free trial of the platform. Existing users can simply log in and start using the tool.

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