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ZEE Entertainment To Expand to New Category with Innovative Media

The technology development will help the brand’s audiences get unique sensory experiences, with sectors such as gaming, retail and education set to witness improvements. 

ZEE Entertainment Enterprises Ltd. (ZEEL) recently announced an update regarding its launch of the world’s first complete experience powered by immersive media. It is a revolutionary platform that will utilise technology to captivate all the five senses of uses i.e. smell, taste, touch, sight and sound.

Amit Goenka, CEO of Z5 Global stated that this latest development is simply a start for the company’s foray into immersive technology, and a development that will impact the media interactions of consumers. He further explained that the new platform is more than just an extension of popular immersive technology forms like virtual reality or augmented reality. According to Goenka, ZEE’s technology is an entirely new media type. It encompasses and utilises many technology forms, including VR, 3D audio, touch, digital scent, AR, and holograms.

ZEE, an established and well known name in the global entertainment and media industries, recently obtained a US Patent for its platform, developed exclusively at the company’s ZEE Media Lab in Silicon Valley.

The technology pays homage to the inclination of Vedic culture towards the ability of human senses. It is set to offer a world of exciting experiences, for domains like gaming, education, entertainment and e-commerce. It will also innovate the use of such technologies, to empower people including content consumers, scientists, educators, designers and officials.

The technology platform from ZEE is divided into several segments, which are Immersive Entertainment, Gaming, Immersive Education, Home Environment Control and Entertainment Commerce.

The Immersive Entertainment segment aims to create gripping immersive content to the homes of consumers, while the Gaming segment will incorporate sensory elements like various specific smells, realistic sounds and more. In the case of Entertainment Commerce, consumers will be able to instantly order products they come across on the screen, and even get three-dimensional prints of objects.

On the Immersive Education front, Zee hopes to create highly-engaging immersive learning experiences for students across all levels. It is looking forward towards innovations that can also be utilised by business organisations with the same level of effectiveness. The Home Environment Control segment will empower the average homeowner to control technology elements and functions, like heating, AC, lights, audio and security systems.

ZEE will partner with several associate organisations to establish technology centres across various states, with the first one being in California. Visitors to the experience centres will get to witness powerful immersive technology encounters that enable consumers to realise the potential of such developments.
Following the securing of this patent, ZEE is in the process of applying for various patent requests for other immersive technologies.

Subhash Chandra, Chairman of ZEE, stated that the patent signifies a considerable step towards transforming the company from an entertainment stalwart to an innovator of immersive technology. He remarked that the brand is making considerable leaps towards an inclusive entertainment media.

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