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Snapchat Brings Sleek Squid Games AR Filters, Brings the Bone-Chilling Show to Life

Put on the killer filters and play the nerve-wracking games as a masked guard or the mysterious Front Man in the new horrifying Netflix K-thriller.


Biggest serie launch
In the history of OTT platforms, Netflix’s newly launched Korean thriller Squid Games is seemingly shaping up to be its biggest and most hyped series launch. Since its release in the past month, it has garnered a whopping 111 million views and counting. All thanks to its unique storyline and thrilling plot twists. Even after a month of its release, it continues to make waves around the world.


Nerve-wracking thrill
If you have not watched the series yet, it is highly recommended that you catch up with the flow as soon as possible, before someone spoils it for you. And if you are already in the groove, we bet you are one of us who can’t get over the nerve-wracking thrill. In case you can’t have enough of it, as do many of the viewers, here is a piece of great news for you! Snapchat has introduced cool new AR filters inspired by the enigmatic characters of the show and you can play the roles of the characters on the social media platform.


Snapchat filter
Created by Don Allen using Snapchats patented Snap Lens Studio tool, the Squid Games filters let you transform into the eerie masked guards of the game facility who are responsible for keeping an eye on the players, arranging the games, and doing more unspeakable things than one can imagine. Spoiler alert, if you have not seen the show yet, you might want to skip the part ahead.


Class warfare
The pink hooded onesies and the black masks marked with circles, triangles, or squares have become somewhat of an enigma in just a short time span. More so, it has become a symbol of class warfare that is masterfully depicted in the show. Dressing up as one of the guards, according to Don Allen, could be a powerful way to communicate how one feels about the contemporary culture and societal practices.


More filters
In addition to the guard masks, one can find more Squid Games themed AR filters floating around Snapchat. One particularly popular filter developed by agreeable greg and FOODIE DAN puts you behind the iconic mask of the Front Man, the mysterious antagonist from the show. With another stunning filter by Regina Jasmine, you can transform into the scary monitor doll from the game “Red Light, Green Light”. Furthermore, agreeable greg’s filter will even let you place the creepy doll in the real-world environment, although we are not sure anyone would want that for real!


Earlier this month, an unofficial VR game was launched inspired by the game shown in the first episode Red Light Green Light. That too has attained quite the popularity among the fans of the show. Now, the official AR filters from Snapchat make it even more fun with its flawless finish and are expected to become a hit among users.

Squid Games is now available for streaming on Netflix in select countries.

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