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NuEyes Enhances Augmented Reality Glasses by Adding Custom Hand Gesture

The new feature set allows users to create custom hand gestures for activating haptic feedback and visual experiences.

NuEyes has recently entered a partnership with ManoMotion for utilising gesture and hand tracking tech into the NuEyes Pro 3 AR smartglasses. With this development, gamers and enterprise customers are set to find 5G glasses more interesting and useful.

The AR controls work very simply. A user needs to raise their hands before the glasses and these are detected by external sensors. After detection, the device starts tracking movements between 21 articulation points. Six of these points are on a user’s wrists and three each on a finger.

With the new technology included, users will be able to grasp items virtually through clenching motions or picking with a finger and a thumb. Letting an object go helps to let it go virtually. The tracking feature is quite intuitive and users do not need to expend much effort in learning.

The sensor technology can differentiate between right and left hands, and can also detect if the user is showing their hand’s palm or the other side. The company is providing an application through which users can customise their controls. They can also use this menu to switch on the features for haptic and visual feedback.

The NuEyes Pro 3 glasses is compatible with hand prosthetic models, but currently, there is not much information regarding the possibilities of this.

According to Mark Greget, CEO and founder, NuEyes Technologies, the robust and efficient hand tracking and gesture technology from ManoMotion let users of Pro 3 have AR interactions by performing natural gestures and actions with their hands. Greget emphasised that hand tracking technology is helping to boost the growth of augmented reality applications.

NuEyes glasses are quite comfortable and do not weigh much. They can easily create augmented reality content projections so that viewers get an experience similar to watching a huge television at a frame rate of 60 FPS in full HD. In addition, users also enjoy a 100000:1 colour contrast and experience high-quality audio through in-frame speakers. Hand tracking offers a distinct advantage for both users and the company, with the latter trying to make inroads for its AR technology in sectors like entertainment, medical and gaming.

The key difference between the NuEyes Pro3 and Pro 3e is that the glasses with Pro 3 come with a 13-megapixel camera but the other one does not. This is why the Pro 3 is being considered as a contender as a feature-rich enterprise headset. This is due to the features and capabilities it offers in terms of remote assistance and gesture control. Technicians can easily get a glimpse into what their colleagues are observing.

According to Fraser Bowie, Chief Product Officer, NuEyes, enhancing the NuEyes Pro3 with hand gesture functionality opens the door for better security, connectivity and multipurpose usability. The device can also be connected to USB-C devices such as Macs, PCs, and Android phones.

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