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New NordicTrack VR Workout Bike Creates Immersive Breakthrough

NordicTrack, the fitness behemoth, has recently launched a virtual reality (VR) bike for making workout sessions more fun and encouraging. Users will be able to perform their workouts while taking part in engrossing virtual reality games.

The latest workout bike offering from Nordic Track comes along with an HTC VIVE Focus virtual reality headset, which has an integrated harness and a state-of-the-art control system. The mechanism of this VR bike is designed to track the physical movement data of a user and incorporate the same into the game. The concept is titled as ‘total body gaming’ by NordicTrack. It is a standout innovation combining surreal fantasy elements with fitness.

Players will be able to experience being inside captivating virtual reality-based fantasy worlds, where they themselves step into the shoes of gaming avatars. Looking past the very conventional modes of workouts, NordicTrack is charting a new course by forming a completely revolutionary platform to help people reach their goals.

The entire concept of differentiating various difficulty levels of the immersive experience lies with the physical force exerted by a player. The relationship is directly proportional, as increased effort leads to higher difficulty, and takes the player avatar to a new stage. Users who increase their time on the bike will reach higher levels. It is a result-driven reward system to motivate players.

NordicTrack has currently offered the option of playing three designated games for the VR bike. The first is Aeronauts, which takes players to a Steampunk-themed fantasy world. The Bike Messenger is another game where users are assigned with delivery tasks within an expansive cityscape. The Last Rider opens up thrilling experiences within a zombie-infested wasteland.

Darren Ashby, VP, Advanced Development, ICON Health & Fitness, remarked that the VR bike was constructed flexibly to turn it into playground platform for encouraging game developers. The environment will create greater freedom for developers to create exciting gaming experiences for the VR bike.

The NordicTrack fitness bike will also come with cutting-edge features from iFit®, a pioneer of at-home fitness. Fitness enthusiasts can stream workout session videos from real-life trainers. The technology, which is a patent, comes with an automatic adjustment system for encouraging incline, resistance, and decline.

NordicTrack has released information regarding the specifications of the VR Bike and the headset to be used with it.

The HTC VIVE Focus Virtual Reality Headset enables users to enter meticulously developed gaming domains from the comfort of their home. It will not require any wired connections, offer seamless fitness integration, and several support cushions with adjustable straps for many users. It comes with a 2800 x 1600 resolution and has a refresh rate of 75 Hz.

The NordicTrack VR Bike offers 3 dimensions of gaming, including Resistance, Incline/Decline and Air. It offers up 10 percent incline and a -10 percent decline to effectively recapture real-world elevation dynamics. Its CoolAire™ Workout fan helps to facilitate incredible immersive experiences.

Set to launch during the summer of 2019, the VR Bike will come at a price of $1,999.





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