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New ATAL Centre using VR and IoT for Training

The new Hong Kong ATAL Training Centre (ATC) is relying on virtual reality (VR) technologies for training purposes. These will help to enhance the capabilities of engineers moving forward.

ATC is a part of the ATAL GROUP, which is among the most prominent electrical and mechanical (E&M) engineering companies in the eastern Asian region. Since 1977, the group has had operations across Mainland China, Macau, the US and the UK.

The ATAL GROUP provides its services to a vast array of customers across private and public sectors, along with various electrical and mechanical engineering and multi-segment technology offerings. It is a service provider for the Information, Communications and Building Technologies (ICBT), Building Services, Lifts & Escalators, and Environmental Engineering sectors.

Training opportunities
Dr. Otto Poon Lok-To, Chairman, ATAL Engineering Group, spoke about the prospect of technology enhanced training programmes. According to him, the company has always prioritised a high level of professional skill for the betterment of outcomes for the group and the industry at large. He said that ATAL has continued its commitment towards making new internships and training opportunities for its colleagues.

Poon said that, The new training centre did take considerable time to build, and regarded it as a key step towards enhancing the talent aggregation efforts of the company.

Future development
According to Poon, the group will continue to promote the aspects of New Market, New Business Model and New Technology, along with creating and introducing cutting-edge technology. He stressed that the developments will be for the businesses and also for the purpose of training talents. This will contribute towards ensuring the future development of the group and the industry as whole.

The group intends to use the latest developments in immersive technology to enhance the quality of training. The new ATC centre has a 3,500 square feet area, and includes a dedicated space for training the staff.

Training in VR
The utilisation of virtual reality technology for training purposes is one of the most significant developments, and the first of its kind in the electrical and mechanical engineering industry of Hong Kong. With the new virtual reality platform, new training programmes can be introduced easily. The group’s staff will be able to enhance their skills and accomplish tasks.

Technological innovations
ATC also has an experience zone that showcases the various technological innovations of the company. These include technologies that are self developed or implemented by it, for Multi-Trade integrated Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MiMEP), Internet of Things, Building Information Modelling (BIM), smart safety helmet, lift overspeed governors, AI platform and smart safety helmet. In this zone, employees can learn more regarding the services offered by the ATAL GROUP, as well as, the various advantages of the tech-driven activities.

The ATC design has considered the requirements of more than two thousand staff of the group. It comes with multi-purpose function spaces to help employees improve their communications with each other.

With the setting up of ATC, the ATAL GROUP wants to achieve its objective of facilitating at ast 15 hours of training to each staff member in a year.

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