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Neverboard Introduces the First-Ever Social VR Board Game Platform, Available on Oculus Quest

Neverboard, a stunning new VR board game from Evernever Games, is bringing back the nostalgia of game night, but in VR. The brand-new social VR experience is scheduled to hit the market later this fall via Oculus Quest.

If there is a will, there is a way
The COVID-19 pandemic has robbed us of many simple joys of everyday life, especially the hanging out part with friends and loved ones. One of the many things that we have missed going into lockdown is definitely game nights. No matter how old are you, there is something oddly satisfying about gathering over a classic board game, playing with your family and friends. But as they say, if there is a will, there is a way. To bring back the nostalgia of our beloved game night, Evernever Games has launched a new social VR experience, Neverboard. The experience aims to create the same ambience as an old-fashioned game night using VR technology.

Bringing together
According to the developers, Neverboard perfectly combines the classic fun of old-fashioned board games with the incredible immersive effect of virtual reality. The VR board game allows users to play a variety of board games with their friends and family irrespective of where they are located. Within a virtual environment, the game brings together people no matter how remote they are located, and enjoy themselves.

The social VR experience provides its users a virtual space where up to four people can meet up using their virtual avatars and engage in different multiplayer VR experiences. Some of the games, as of now, features some original titles and the others are reportedly inspired by an array of popular card and board games. At the time of its launch, Evernever Company reported that Neverboard is designed to feature four different games, including a full version of Crazy 8s available free of charge. The remaining games can be purchased using the in-game currency, which the players will earn by playing the games. They can also be purchased with real-world money to speed up things. More titles are to come soon.

Licensing issues
Moving forward, the developers plan to introduce more games to the social VR platform. However, the team is currently not able to add any branded game due to obvious licensing issues. To this end, the company is asking the gamer community to come forward with original ideas and help enhance the social VR experience.

Spark up real connections
The brand-new social VR experience featuring classic board games, however, is more than reimagined table-top play. Neverborad, powered by cutting-edge VR technology, has been designed to spark up real connections among people in a fun, delightful way. It is developed from scratch to provide a comfortable virtual space where players can connect and share their experiences in a way they would in real-world environments. In addition to play games, players can also engage in various fun activities on Neverboard, like playing musical instruments and start a food fight with friends.

Neverboard is set to release in the coming fall and will be available on Oculus Quest.

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