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Meta’s Highly Anticipated VR Metaverse Horizon Worlds Now Open

Learn to craft your own virtual world inside Meta’s VR metaverse Horizon Worlds.

Last year, Meta (formerly Facebook) launched its own VR social platform Horizon. However, it was introduced as an invite-only beta social VR platform and limited to select Quest users. It gained huge popularity as it gave the users the necessary tools and features to build their own virtual worlds, create safe spaces for discussions, play games together, and above all, meet new friends.

Since it was only an invite-only platform, many interested people were left out in the cold of this much-hyped social VR platform. The company reported that they were taking time so that they can deliver the most perfect metaverse experience to one and all, making sure it was ready for a larger community. Meta also wanted to ensure that thousands of virtual worlds are ready for the users to experience upon its launch as well as facilitating the perfect tools to help the community create their own virtual world experiences.

If you are one of us, who were eagerly awaiting the access, here is some good news for you. On December 9, 2021, Meta released the updated version of the much-anticipated social VR platform in its new avatar—Horizon Worlds. As of now, the platform is moving out of the invite-only beta format and is available to anyone above 18 years of age for free. New joiners can jump right into the existing community of Horizon Worlds settlers, who have been working hard at creating new experiences for the ever-expanding metaverse. So far, Horizon Worlds features several action-packed games, spaces for social interactions, serene locations for meditation, and a fun VR train that moves through the metaverse. In a nutshell, Horizon Worlds offers experiences to serve every taste and every mood.

Behind the creation of Horizon Worlds, Meta’s vision has always been driven by an urge to provide a creator-friendly virtual space facilitated with best-in-class social VR world-making tools. The company spent the entire 2020 working together with the early Horizon Worlds users, considering their feedback, and acting upon them with due diligence. As a result, Horizon Worlds underwent a complete overhaul and incorporated innovative ideas as to what the new world-building features would look like. Meta even announced an astounding $10 million Creator Fund to offer more support to the creators. The cash prizes and other perks were expected to encourage more world builders to join in the effort, and evidently, it paid off.

Inside Horizon Worlds, you are free to take part in an abundance of fun activities. Whether you are flying solo or teamed up with your partners in crime, you can put your work to build your own virtual world with the plethora of unique tools, you can compete with other users in World Hop and Arena Clash, or simply explore the metaverse.

According to the company, Horizon Worlds is designed to be a virtual world, more particularly a virtual space that holds endless possibilities. Users will be in full control of their experiences here.

Horizon Worlds is now available for download on Quest 2 for free.

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