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Meta Announces Major Updates for Closs-Platform VR Avatars, Emphasises Inclusivity and Diversity

Meta (formerly Facebook) introduces brand-new 3D avatars available for cross-platform interaction on Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and Meta Quest.


Mark Zuckerberg, CEO and founder of Meta (formerly Facebook) announced on the 1st of February that the company will soon launch a new lineup of 3D user avatars in virtual reality as well as make them available for use in all of Meta’s social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger. The new 3D avatars can be used in stories, news feed posts, as well as Facebook profile pictures. The lineup will soon roll out within Meta’s apps for people in Canada, Mexico, and the United States.

Existing Quest and Quest 2 users may already be familiar with 3D avatars following the customisation overhaul by Meta last year. However, this new lineup of 3D avatars, as per the reports, will get a major facelift from its previous version. The changes will be emphatic in the forms of a wider range of facial expressions, and even a limited-edition clothing choice.

Last year, Meta spent an impressive amount of time and effort to improve its 3D avatars with a brand-new customisation option so that users can craft their digital persona to perfection. It allowed them a wide range of finer details such as diverse skin tones, hair colours, and hairstyles. After this announcement, the company showed greater commitment to inclusivity and to expand the platform further. In addition, Meta has launched a limited-edition clothing range to honour the upcoming Super Bowl between Bengal Tigers and LA Rams. Users can choose from the range of clothing options celebrating each team.

The new features reportedly include a diverse range of facial shapes, voice patterns, and much more. There have been significant improvements to the existing skin shaders as well. Beyond the physical features, Meta is also including a host of assistive devices such as hearing aids, cochlear implants. And wheelchairs in different colours. As a global community, Meta aims to be more inclusive and celebrate diversity, and this 3D avatar update is a positive step towards fulfilling that goal.

Aigerim Shorman, General Manager for Avatars and Identity at Meta, said in an official statement that being able to own the same avatars across various platforms provided by the company is a crucial step to make the vision of metaverse a reality. He also stated that the company is working long and hard to make this possible. Expressing the common goal at Meta, Shorman remarked that it is their earnest hope that the ability to express one’s virtual identity as a true representation of people makes users’ online experience more inclusive. It is important to represent yourself the way you want to be represented, whether that is to your family or friends. And Meta stands by this vision as their core philosophy.

The new 3D avatars will be soon available via Meta Quest as well as Instagram, Messenger, and Facebook. Users can create different avatars for each of these platforms or use the same persona across all of them via Meta Quest’s Accounts Center.

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