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Learn More about the Eternals with Marvel’s First-Ever AR Storytelling Experience

Check out Marvel’s first AR audio story experience and learn more about the Eternals, the latest bunch of superheroes from the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Since the last few years, the fan base for Marvel superheroes has been steadily increasing. From the Avengers to the latest revelation of the Guardians of the Multiverse in the animated series What If, the movie franchise has kept the audience on the hook with the promise to deliver more exciting content to its loyal fans. As part of the promise, we will soon get to meet a whole new collection of gorgeous superheroes called Eternals.

According to the Marvel Comics canon, Eternals have been protecting the universe since the dawn of time. They are entrusted with the task of saving the world from the Deviants, a form of monstrous evil beings that have plagued humanity for millennia before they vanished mysteriously a couple of hundred years ago. But with the fateful turn of events, they are back to torment the earthly creatures once again. So are the Eternals, ready as ever to take the horrid monstrosities down. Set in a timeline post Avengers: Endgame, the Eternals will once again band together and embark on a heroic journey to save the universe from this unprecedented apocalyptic threat.

The ardent comic readers are probably aware of the origin story as well as the previous appearances of the Eternals, the newly added superhero team to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But for the uninitiated, Marvel brings an incredible “AR Story Experience” — the first of its kind from the movie franchise. This extraordinary immersive audio experience will give the fans a sneak peek into the background of the ensemble, highlighting the many heroic accomplishments they have achieved so far. In addition to their iconic saga, the AR Story Experience will also shed light on the unique superpowers of the members of the group, such as Kingo’s devastating cosmic force to Makkari’s superspeed.

Daniel Baker, Senior Producer and Manager of Technology Innovation at Marvel reported that the project explores augmented reality as a unique storytelling medium. The immersive experience will be guided by Sprite, the member from the superhero ensemble blessed with eternal youth (played by Lia McHugh). As the experience begins, Sprite will appear in your real-world environment and make herself comfortable. Once settled in, she will narrate the background story of the Eternals and their effort in shaping up mankind for the past 7000 years.

The AR Story Experience is developed using Apple’s ARKit Developer Framework. The creative team has used more than 100 high-speed cameras to capture cutting-edge volumetric video footage of the character from different angles so that the viewers can inspect the scenes from various perspectives. You can physically move around the setting and enjoy an immersive cinematic experience within the four walls of your home.

For now, Eternals AR: Story Experience is only supported in iOS. You can access the AR experience for free through iPhone and iPad. There is also a lite version of the experience that you can view before downloading.

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