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Immersive technology being implemented in e-sports by ProYuga

ProYuga Advanced Technologies, a Hyderabad-based firm founded by ex-cricketers Trivikrama Kothinti and Vasantha Sai, has used VR to create e-sports offering iB Cricket to create an immersive experience.  

Using a virtual reality (VR) headset, users can hit a virtual ball within a stadium setting. The ProYuga team has put in efforts to create a technologically advanced offering, by incorporating a combination of AR and VR called cross reality (XR).

Last year, the association of Kothinti and Sai decided to develop unique and cutting-edge Indian technology products. Following their meeting at India-wide startup incubator iB Hubs, the concept of ProYuga was formed. Kothinti, who became an IIT-Delhi graduate in 2016, moved to Hyderabad and switched from his corporate career to iB Hubs. Sai, a 2017 IIT-Hyderabad graduatem was the chief technology officer of iB Hubs. ProYuga was established in 2017 to create the iB Cricket experience.

In an interview to Telangana Today, Trivikrama Kothinti, CEO, ProYuga, realised the favorable standing of the iB Cricket initiative, due to global popularity of cricket and the rise of immersive technology. He revealed that the quality of graphics needed some work prior to the creation of the game.

iBHubs provided legal, financial, marketing, and compliance related support and helped in establishing the company. The platform also helped penetrate markets like Melbourne, Dubai, London and Singapore.

The fifth and final version of the game was in development for nine months. There are plans in place for ProYuga to release 25 product versions, for generating an expansive gaming arena.

Transcending geographic borders

Kothinti revealed that both Harsha Bhogle and Sunil Gavaskar were reportedly interested to become ProYuga investors. While talks in that aspect are ongoing, the company is also creating an international Gaming Advisory Council with the aim of organising worldwide cricketing tournaments. The Council will be responsible for tournament planning.

ProYuga is set to release iB Cricket globally during the early stages of December. The company has established its offices in Singapore, Dubai, London and Melbourne.

Kothinti stated that the business is spread across 10 global regions, with seven initial regions including South Africa, New Zealand, and the US. The Indian market has been difficult to penetrate, and the company plans to install 10k gaming arcades to solve the lack of awareness. He highlighted that eventually the company will focus on global retail sales.


Plans are in place for the company to create arcades of its own, apart from letting franchisees form arcades that will add to its royalty. Revenue accumulation methods will consist of direct sales, arcade rent outs to hotels and businesses, and arcade installations. Amanora mall in Pune has already experienced the offering. The company is planning on performing demos in Telangana and the rest of India.


ProYuga is seeking partnerships with global gaming, sporting academies, VR companies, for expansion purposes. iB Hubs has already helped the brand raise $10 million, and it is hopeful of raising $30 million in the same manner. It has plans to raise $100 million eventually.

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