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Immersive technology, AI and blockchain to be examined at Futureland

Research conducted by Talent Garden revealed that AI, blockchain and immersive technology are rising technologies that can enhance business production workflows across industry domains, to form a competitive edge for companies. The growth potential of these technologies will reach $200 billion by 2021. The blockchain industry had a value of $210 million back in 2016, and it is set to scale $2.3 million by 2021.

According to IDC, AI’s 2016 turnover is set to reach $12.5 billion, with the next three years expecting a growth of $46 billion. The immersive technology market is also expected to double in value, with an upswing from $9 billion to $17.8 billion. IDC predicts it’s value to scale $170 billion by the year 2021.

Talent Garden, Europe’s reputed platform for innovation and collaboration network, is aiming to understand the potential of the three technologies. It is partnering with Lavazza, Fastweb, Randstad, Digital Magics, Be, A2A, Alkemy, MSD and Eni during the upcoming Futureland edition. The Talent Garden Calabiana campus in Milan will play host to the event, held between 15th and 16th November 2018.

Futureland 2018 speakers

Various workshops, conferences, and discussions will be held during the 2 days of the event, which will witness the participation of many industry sectors including logistics, pharmaceuticals, insurance, manufacturing, media, finance, and retail. The discussions will revolve around how the rising technologies can positively impact business processes and outcomes. There will be an Experience Arena in the venue, where all participants can experience technical innovation at its best, partake in discussions and gain entrepreneurial insight. Key topics are – Smart Life or the effect of rising technologies in day to day life, from personal as well as customer viewpoints, Smart Leader, with content meant for C-level staff and managers, where the emphasis is to adapt to newer technologies for business excellence, and Smart Company, which reveals how the emerging technology instances are helping steer businesses.

Notable speakers will include Dmitry Parilov, founder of VR-based financial trading data visualisation system DxFeed, integrated with voice recognition, Tom Emrich, Investor and Community Builder of Super Ventures and specialist of AR / VR in the industrial and wearable technology sectors; Tom Lyons, Executive Director, Consensys, and co-founder, Crypto Valley Association in Switzerland, and an eminent Blockchain technology expert; Raffaele Mauro, Endeavor Italy’s Managing Director, and EQT Venture Capital’s Henrik Landgren, who has also founded the Analytics team of Spotify. Italian AR company Joinpad’s CEO Mauro Rubin,  Nx’change CEO Marleen Evertsz, and Spiritus CTO and co-founder Bob Clint are also part of the programme.

Fabio Sferruzzi, Talent Garden’s Connect Unit Managing Director stated that the second Futureland edition was set to be a grand and fruitful event, with so many prominent speakers, and a diverse range of participants. He stressed that the response proved that the three emerging technologies were already garnering interest within the business community. According to him, the event was designed to give everyone the chance to explore new opportunities and consult with notable experts. He expressed gratitude for the evident success of the event.


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