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HTC Vive Pro 2 Full Kit is Now Available for Pre-Order

Grab HTC Vive’s latest and much-anticipated professional-grade PC VR with a pair of live controllers and two base stations. Available for pre-order now.

HTC Vive Pro 2
HTC Vive, one of the leading brands in the field of VR technology, has recently launched its latest professional-grade PC VR device– HTC Vive Pro 2. The stunning VR headset features a host of promising upgrades compared to its previous edition released in 2018, which includes a stunning enhanced resolution, improved refresh rate, wider field of view, as well as 3D spatial audio. Utilising the ambitious technology, the cutting-edge headset has managed to do away with the unpopular screendoor effect that has been a major impediment in its previous edition. Instead, now it offers an unbelievable visual with crystal clear image quality.

Exciting deal
Introducing its vast possibilities and improved features, HTC Vive has recently announced that the Pro 2 Full Kit is now available on the market for pre-ordering. This is going to be an exciting gear that packs everything you might possibly need to get started on your VR gaming adventure. Moreover, the bundle includes a pair of HTC Vive motion controllers and a pair of SteamVR 2.0 Base Stations as well, making the deal more exciting than ever before. The price for HTC Vive Pro 2 Full Kit with the add-ons, however, will vary in different regions, as reported by the company.

Interested users can now pre-order the full kit by visiting (HTC Vive website). However, the offer is only available in the United States for now. Soon, other regions, including Canada, the United Kingdom, and some other European countries, will be added to the list. The global release of the HTC Vive Full Kit is still expected to take some time. For the United States, however, the first bundle can be expected to ship within mid-October. Other than the HTC Vive website, the Full Kit can also be purchased from major retailers in these regions.

Impressive features
Since it first launched, HTC Vive Pro 2 has been an instant favourite among users all over the world. The most impressive feature of the PC VR headset has been amazing visual fidelity as well as its sleek, smart design. Most high-end VR games look absolutely life-like on this VR headset, thanks to its stunning 5K resolution and the enormous 120-degree field of vision. The ergonomic design of the headset makes it extremely comfortable to use with little to no discomfort or distraction. Furthermore, the Vive Pro 2 did a commendable job in preventing light leakage, offering you the perfect immersive experience.

The best PC VR headset
Considering all its unique features, HTC Vive Pro 2 has been arguably ranked the best PC VR headset in the current marketplace. It is no surprise, therefore, what can the Full Kit mean in terms of quality enhancement and immersive experience. True, the bundle does not come cheap. But remember, you will be paying for quality. For a true-to-life experience with your favourite VR games, this is the best deal you can grab today.

HTC Vivo Pro 2 Full Kit is now available for pre-order at for $1399 in the USA.

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