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HB Communications Develops Immersive Technology Experiences with Belden Assistance

Latest immersive offering facilitates BYOD, surround sound, round the clock connection, 4K-quality visuals, video walls and surround sound

Belden Inc., a globally reputed signal transmission and connectivity solutions provider, is looking forward to releasing news regarding its partnership with HB Communications, a company that develops audiovisual systems. The partnership will culminate in the development of a revolutionary AV environment.

HB Communications, during its recent North Haven HQ renovation period, stated its intentions of revolutionising the introduction and integration of the latest audiovisual technology across all its office locations. This drive would encompass the North Haven office and the company as a whole. The company also expressed its goals of exhibiting technology applications to customers, with the simultaneous enhancement of collaborative and communication functionalities.

The Audiovisual Ecosystem, is the advanced ecosystem conceptualised by the professionals at HB Communications. It is a revolutionary platform which can be utilised for creating AV content, facilitating spontaneous collaboration, hosting meetings and projecting presentations to audiences. Belden connectivity and cable offerings were utilised to set up a flawless and reliable network.

Elizabeth Stephan, Belden’s director of sales and channel, broadcast and AV, expressed enthusiasm regarding the collaboration. She revealed that HB Communications could establish effortless conference standards, with the power of letting anyone join from remote or onsite locations with any device of their preference. She further explained that the technology is structured to facilitate the application of a user-friendly platform, which can be utilised easily with desktop and mobile devices, to enhance communication abilities. The company will now also be able to share real-time statistics to inform employees regarding the status of clients and managed service offerings.

HB Communications could establish effortless conference standards, with the power of letting anyone join from remote or onsite locations with any device of their preference. – Elizabeth Stephan

The Audiovisual Ecosystem is powered by Belden 10GX 6A Cable, running for upwards of 38 thousands linear feet. Support of this magnitude is needed for the ecosystem due to the demands of benchmark electrical and mechanical outputs, and the necessity of high-density connections.

Upwards of 5,000 feet of the 4K Ultra HD cable from Belden was used for video switch and audiovisual transportation applications. The setup supports a 32×32 DigitalMedia matrix switcher from Crestron DigitalMedia. The switcher functions as a connector of various spaces to a singular frame. It is the audiovisual base, utilised for the transmission and distribution of audiovisual signals.

The REVConnect Connectivity System from Belden was also Incorporated for effortlessly terminating the project when required. A cap and a cable manager form the basis of the termination system, facilitated through the connectors. Capable of supporting devices that need almost 100W power, the REVConnect forms dependable terminations for cables including 6 & 6A UTP, 5e, and STP.


The infrastructure supports technology like digital signage, immersive video walls, digital art, surround sound, bring your own device (BYOD) devices, overhead audio, and digital art. It also facilitates a 24×7 link connecting the HB Communications HQ with remote spaces.

The Audiovisual Ecosystem has a sturdy infrastructure enabling flawless external and internal communication, as is evident by the headquarters upgrade.


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