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Edison PRO from Brainstorm Facilitates Enhanced Real-Time AR/VR Events

Brainstorm has recently released information regarding the soon-to-be-launched Edison PRO, a cost-effective and user-friendly presentation application. It is a tool capable of converting live online conferences and presentations into immersive experiences through augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) environments. Edison PRO is a template-based tool providing a high level of usability to users who possess no experience in image, graphics, video and 3D model development. It helps them dynamically enhance their storytelling and speech capabilities by harnessing the power of 3D graphics in real-time along with other cutting-edge visual tools. Individuals can become part of the immersive presentation themselves with the features made available through this software.

Bring your presentation visuals to another level by using PDF or Powerpoint files

To get started, users need to have a PDF or Powerpoint file which the software will process to create immersive content. Using the state-of-the-art real-time technology provided by Brainstorm lets corporate companies, broadcasters, educators, religious institutions, event organisers, influencers and content creators transform unimaginative presentations into interactive and engaging features. They can take advantage of the innovative features provided by Edison PRO without having to make hefty hardware or studio infrastructure investments. The system is a standalone solution that enables users to get started without much setup-related hassle. Basic requirements to get it working are a portable chroma set and a camera.

The Edison PRO comes with simple drag-and-drop functionality and can be operated by anyone. It offers many pre-defined scenes, templates, objects, screens and points that can fill up spaces in immersive scenes. Users also get access to assorted interactive templates that are suitable for highly customised polls and quizzes. Edison PRO also enjoys Unreal Engine compatibility, making it capable of producing photorealistic screen content for realistic scene backgrounds.  The company will also provide the Edison UC (Edison Unreal Control) software plugin optionally for directly managing and editing UE scene objects, features and plans of an Unreal Engine generated scene. All of these can be achieved by accessing the user-friendly Edison PRO interface.

Easy to install and very user friendly

The product offers simple installation, easy to follow training features, and easy support. It has been designed to deliver peak performance even in the most high-demand live production settings. Users can customise Edison PRO with several options to match differing current and future requirements. Users across US and Canada can also take advantage of a value-added deal with prominent distributor JB&A providing local assistance for EDISON PRO, and support for Brainstorm’s range of immersive products.

Ricardo Montesa, CEO of Brainstorm, spoke about the product, saying that the combination of highly advanced technology and the user-friendly device helps to create vivid and engaging online presentations. He added that the system has been created to deliver the high resolution and quality of broadcast content to end users at a far lower cost. According to him, the company’s decades-long broadcasting industry experience is useful for developing powerful presentations with already existing content, without having to make hefty gear investments.

Brainstorm is a broadcast graphics service provider catering a range of visual experience solutions for businesses. Further updates regarding Edison PRO are expected in the near future.

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