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Cisco AR Meeting Solutions Enhancing Hybrid Workforce Capabilities       

The company has upgraded its collaboration solution to offer a mix of Webex meetings and real-time holographic experiences.

Cisco has recently stepped up the game on its collaboration offerings, incorporating new tweaks that power up the workforce of the future.

WebEX meetings
The WebEx Hologram, widely considered as one of the most popular real-time meeting solutions capable of using augmented reality (AR) technology, is the main part of the new product suite from Cisco. WebEx meetings can combine conventional meeting features with three-dimensional hologram content to offer high-quality virtual meet experiences. According to Cisco, the hybrid collaboration had its challenges as holography has been limited mostly to application-based delivery methods. The company emphasised that hands-on collaboration is required for teams and that they require to be trained with a physical item.

Webex Hologram provides holographic features that enable meeting participants to hold interactions that are quite similar to in-person meetings. According to Cisco, the offering creates a co-presence capable of generating real-time holograms of individuals that are quite photorealistic. This is quite different from other two-dimensional and remote meeting offerings available today.

Engaging experience
Cisco said that the co-presence solution created a more realistic and engaging experience for the participants, comparatively better than the use of virtual avatars. Hence there is a huge difference in the effectiveness with which training and problem-solving happen. With the new technology, presenters are able to share digital as well as physical content that facilitates superior collaboration and communication.

The new offering from Cisco is designed to deliver a vivid experience across dimensions for multiple users. It can be relied upon for hassle-free remote participation from several users. Every user simultaneously receives the same kind of multi-dimensional experience that is not possible with the other options in the market. It is quite an improvement to the usual single-angle views participants are used to.

The objective
Jeetu Patel, Executive Vice President and General Manager, Cisco Security, and Collaboration, stated that the company’s objective is to empower billions of remote workers to gain access to better participation in meetings from any corner of the world. WebEx Hologram is being considered as a major step in the direction of catering enhanced work experiences that reduce the gap between in-person and virtual collaboration.

Cisco took the example of the automotive manufacturing sector to give an idea about how the interactions may pan out. According to the company, participants can easily interact with an automobile prototype that has been shared virtually through augmented reality technology. That enables everyone to perform a thorough and multi-angled inspection of the component, to make observations, and provide feedback in real-time. It stated that vehicle design renders and other digitally available content can be showcased in these immersive meetings. McLaren Racing CEO Zak Brown spoke about WebEx Hologram, regarding it as a useful tool for all of its crew members, drivers, and technicians. He said that it can improve the company’s support capabilities across the globe.

Further developments and use cases are expected for this AR-based meeting solution of Cisco.

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