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Branded events set for transformation with spatial immersive VR

Virtual reality and AI is taking centre stage at events. The impact of virtual reality (VR) on the events industry is growing dynamically today, and a prominent event management brand is capitalising on the trend.

The Company We Keep (TCWK), a brand experience company, has brought spatial immersive VR for the purpose of production planning in the events industry. This technology form can become a standard within the industry as per predictions.

Nigel Ruffell, the founder of TCWK, revealed that utilising VR technology for event planning is a new concept, that can significantly revolutionise the arena of events.

Ruffell spoke to CMO, stating that through the visualisation of ideas within virtual environments, it is evident that there is scope for more advanced problem-solving and troubleshooting time if required. He elaborated that the technology is effectively reinvigorating the fundamentals of event planning.

Immersive technologies are becoming quite central to the entire event experience instead of being incorporated as add-ons. Nigel Ruffell

The recently concluded Salesforce World Tour held in Sydney also saw TCWK utilising virtual reality. Organisers of the event could immerse themselves within the virtual representation of the space, and observe the true scale of things. This enabled them to make suitable alterations prior to construction. Salesforce also utilised a 185m wall for projection, making it a first for Australia.

Ruffell said that the use of VR during the Salesforce event created a visualisation before the TCWK team even stepped on site. The entire experience that people would get at the event was witnessed. Rendering was utilised, enabling clients to observe various renders to get a firm idea of how the vent would unfold.

TCWK approached 7DX for the purpose of render creation with the company’s software. The event management company was able to generate virtual reality from production assets. According to Ruffell, the collaboration helped the company to save expenses and time.

The Salesforce VR event facilitated the TCWK team to visualise where there was need for booths, signage, stage stands and other accessories to be placed. The event management professionals had clarity regarding every aspect before the event venue building started.

Virtual reality enabled brands to test out thd e placement of separate elements, anto get a view from the perspective of audiences. Making changes to an event venue plan after construction has started, is an expensive process. With the implementation of VR however, staging before events has become more convenient to manage, and creativity has also improved. – Nigel Ruffell

The virtual reality technology has also been used by TCWK for customer domos that exhibit the transformation of processes.

The technology form has enabled product gamification, and is raising the level of brand engagement. Ruffell estimates that the use of VR-based event management technology will rise quite a bit in the near future.

TCWK has plans to integrate video and animated content within its virtual reality walkthroughs to offer the live experience to participating. VR can find greater use beyond the planning use.

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