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Apple is Stepping Up its Efforts in Augmented Reality

Technology giant Apple is making efforts to create next-gen meetings and deliver vivid experiences that include avatars that can interact.


Apple is currently working on immersive technology solutions that can take business meetings to the next level. It joins another tech behemoth, Meta, which has recently created a buzz through announcements of immersive technology projects. Now Apple is rivaling Meta by offering a transformative piece of technology. According to some new reports, the augmented reality-based virtual meeting technology being created by Apple is going to make waves in the domain of professional communication.

It is important to note that the information about this development is limited and there is no definite announcement about a beta version at this point.

Apple is reportedly working on a brand new operating system known as the ‘realityOS’, abbreviated as ‘rOS.’ This has been indicated from the iOS 13 pre-release builds along with upload logs on the App Store. There has also been a mention of a realityOS simulator that can be useful for developers.

Currently Apple utilises the Reality branding in two of its dev tools, namely the Reality Composer and the company’s RealityKit. The company is known to name its products based on the operating systems they are on. So it may be the case the realityOS can run something called Apple Reality in the near future.

The company might offer a range of solutions that include all the popular immersive technology forms i.e. mixed reality, virtual reality, and augmented reality. If Apple’s new OS rolls out anytime soon, it will accelerate the development of its immersive offerings.

According to some sources, Apple might be shipping a new headset in the coming years. It will likely be a headset that is capable of using in both virtual reality and augmented reality. Based on the reports, users can expect hardware that will offer support for virtual reality. However, Apple seems to be more focused on augmented reality applications to cater through its devices. This is also signified by the trend that most of the launched products, patents, statements by Apple and it’s investments have been in the AR direction. Till now, there has not been too much of a buzz in terms of VR development, but that could change.

Apple will launch an AR headset that is set to offer an experience that is similar to the company’s flagship product, the iPhone. Currently, the iPhone has an augmented reality feature that captures real-time video from a camera and puts virtual objects atop the video through a technique known as superimposition. The new glasses by Apple will let users to get a surreal view of their world when they have access to device screens.

Apple may also be working on an interesting pair of regular glasses but with augmented reality capabilities. These can superimpose virtual objects in the real world. Next-level meetings can also be a reality once the company makes more progress in its ongoing projects.

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