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Adobe Introduces Substance 3D Tools to Boost Immersive Creativity

Adobe, the leading software company, has recently launched its brand-new Substance 3D tools that enable immersive creators to leverage the benefits of AI technology.

The Substance 3D tools are reportedly aimed at creating more realistic gaming, special effects, and entertainment imagery. Sebastien Deguy, the Vice President of 3D Immersive at Adobe, stated that in near future, the tools will potentially encompass a wider range of industries that require equally precise realism in their designs. He said that only two-and-a-half years ago, Adobe acquired Allegorithmic, Deguy’s original company, to expand its operations in 3D immersive design. With this aim, they have now developed a new division called 3D Immersive that would work in delivering a set of ecosystem applications on behalf of Adobe. This set of ecosystems is specifically being created for the 3D creator community, including designers and game developers.

Immense potential

Examining the current market ecosystem, Adobe realized that there is immense potential in the future of 3D technology. With this in mind, Adobe ventured to acquire Allegorithmic and working on expanding their new 3D immersive tool—Substance 3D. The company reported that these tools from Adobe are not just meant for studios that the company already serves with their existing software products, but also for new designers who are interested in immersive creations and 3D. Deguy remarked that innumerable designers and creators beyond the gaming industry are now gradually adopting these technologies. Presumably, there are significant opportunities to grow.

Adobe Introduces Substance 3D Tools to Boost Immersive Creativity

Easier to get into

While most 3D tools available today are rather complex and difficult to learn. Substance 3D is comparatively more well-defined and easier to get into. Thus, Adobe attempts to make the tool more accessible to users. More precisely, it is targeting a fresh, new generation of designers and game developers who are just venturing into the domain and have started 3D technology in their process only recently. The developers of Substance 3D reported that the tool uses artificial intelligence (AI) to eliminate most of the technical complexity associated with 3D design and draws from familiar interface and features from Adobe’s popular software, such as Illustrator and Photoshop. However, the collection is not just limited to tools. It also features thousands of models. Lighting systems, textures, and various other assets that will help creators jumpstart their unique projects.

Expanded ecosystem

Substance 3D includes an expanded ecosystem and four distinct tools, including a vast library of customizable 3D assets. It is also designed to connect with Adobe Creative Cloud seamlessly, so that the creators can effortlessly switch between Substance 3D, InDesign, Photoshop, and so on. Thus, it takes a significant step to overcome the inherent problem of 3D designing—the extensive fragmentation in the process. The developers remarked that the 3D designers would quickly adapt and become accustomed to the tool, for they are already well-versed with Adobe interface and the Creative Cloud.

Invaluable in the future

Deguy expressed his optimism about Substance 3D by stating that this tool will be invaluable in the future for industries like VR gaming, fashion, architecture, food/beverage, and entertainment. He stated that Adobe is committed to exploring 3D Immersive further with the help of AI and machine learning to uncover more possibilities.


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