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YouCo and EON Reality Team Up for Acquainting Italian Businesses with XR Solutions

EON Reality is a provider of virtual (VR) and augmented reality (AR)-based skills and knowledge for education and industry. They have declared an alliance with YouCo, a mobile solutions provider in Italy, focussed on helping companies during the process of digital transformation. The partnership is long-term and as per EON Reality, it is a strategic collaboration that aims at pre-feasibility research and commercial development along with projects and idea generation in the extended reality (XR) field for industry clients.

With the help of this partnership, both the companies will work to provide businesses with practical solutions. They will be using the EON-XR platform of EON Reality. The company seems to be sharing the same belief with YouCo that as more research is done in the XR, AR and VR sectors for the industry, there will be a host of openings involving scientific value and strategies. So they have decided to put their mutual collaboration in motion in various sectors such as Transportation, Aerospace, Healthcare, Security and Defence, Manufacturing and Processing, Education, GDO and Retail, Public Administration, Energy and Utilities and Luxury Enterprise. This represents a host of possible developments throughout the world.

YouCO and EON’s goals

In regards to the alliance, Founder of Eon Reality, Dan Lejerskar said that the collaboration with YouCo will strive to enhance innovation in business across Europe and further beyond. He said that the company has long wanted to focus on one of their major goals, which is helping the world recover from the ongoing situation and being able to work with strong companies as YouCo can help them grow to its biggest possibilities.

YouCo and EON Reality Teams Up for Acquainting Italian Businesses with XR Solutions
YouCo and EON Reality Teams Up for Acquainting Italian Businesses with XR Solutions

Due to YouCo’s experience with telephone companies, EON Reality’s partnership can also lead to working with massive organisations along with the probability of being part of local, national and international research programmes. This would be a great way to focus on the European Commission’s Framework Programs, as well as the world’s fight against the COVID-19 crisis.

According to YouCo founder and CEO Marco Cavallini, both AR and VR seem to have a positive emphasis and effect on corporate mobility strategies throughout the globe. With the improving EON Reality software platforms and devices mixed with the company’s receptive abilities develop the best opening for YouCo to introduce extended EMM services and integrated workforce management on extended reality tech. This will allow companies to lead the development process ahead.

He also said that he is excited about the deal they signed with EON Reality, which is one of the main aspects of their strategy focussed on assisting businesses and guiding IT managers past the new challenges in technology. This way, they will increase the chances in Enterprise Mobility sector, an industry YouCo is highly compatible and experienced with.

While more information can reveal a deeper understanding of this strategic collaboration, the possibilities of high-end development are irrefutable.

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