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Varjo’s NU4100 Vision Engine Transforms XR

Varjo Selects The Nu4100 Processor From Inuitive For Its XR And VR Offerings

The XR-4 Series gets closer to human-like optical perception through the NU4100 image processor’s outstanding ability to provide high-resolution, minimal latency footage via multiple cameras.

Varjo, the pioneer in VR/XR offerings, has unveiled their next-generation XR-4 Series headsets. The XR-4 Series, which uses the NU4100 vision-on-chip CPU, is the first to provide low-latency pass-through capabilities for several sensors in the mixed reality industry.

The XR-4 Series was unveiled at the I/ITSEC conference in November 2023 with an eye on industrial users. Supporting use cases where the highest levels of visual quality and immersion are crucial is its goal. Compared to its predecessors, the XR-4 headgear has a 50% wider field of view and two 4K displays. Its brighter displays and broader colour palette enhance the overall visual experience. The XR-4’s two front cameras (each 20-megapixel) allow for video pass-through mixed reality, a unique blend of the virtual and physical worlds that allows users to observe their environment via implanted lenses.

The device also has inside-out tracking and Varjo’s controls, which allow for fluid movement in both virtual and real-world environments. The XR-4 leverages the powerful power of NVIDIA GPUs to provide a comprehensive and captivating experience with lifelike rendering. Important customer industries like training and simulation, military, automotive, medical, and more have embraced the XR-4 Series. Enterprise orders are being taken right now.

The third version of Inuitive’s vision processor line, the NU4100 processor with vision-on-chip capabilities, is ideal for applications requiring numerous sensor aggregation, processing, packing, and streaming in edge-AI, robotics, drones, and virtual reality. It is specifically designed to be used with XR headsets, robots, and other applications that make use of six, eight, or more cameras to look around them, evaluate what they see, and utilise that knowledge to make quick decisions. The outstanding performance of the Varjo XR-4 Series headsets is partly attributed to the potent vision-based technologies of the Inuitive NU4100 processor.

Timo Toikkanen, chief executive officer of Var, said that Inuitive was the best partner to construct this platform with in terms of technology, service, and flexibility. “Inuitive shown itself to be a very creative partner in developing a comprehensive vision processing system that satisfies Varjo’s exacting specifications.

Applications needing high-speed, low-latency feeds from numerous sensors are best served by the NU4X00 vision-on-chip family, which includes both heritage and forthcoming devices. According to co-founder and CEO Shlomo Gadot, it does the same while keeping the feeds precisely time-stamped and synchronised. In order to propel industries and innovations ahead, he said that the firm is still dedicated to continuously investing in expanding its vision processor roadmap.

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