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Second Gen Huawei Glasses Set for Late 2021 Release

The 2nd generation Huawei VR Glass is set to launch in 2021, and is a follow up to the 2019 edition of the Huawei VR Glass. The Chinese technology company launched the first version of the glasses and followed that with the unveiling of its 6DOF Game Set possessing better capabilities along with 360-degree controllers. However, that has not been launched yet, despite assurances by the company for a late 2020 roll-out.

Compact design
In addition, Huawei had also said that its VR Glass devices would start being sold from April this year. That did not turn out to be the case and consumers could not get the device. According to some reports the glasses have a weight of only 166 grand and are equipped with a lens og 26.6mm thickness. It was a lot more compact design wise in comparison to the earlier edition.

The second gen Huawei VR Glass is set to be launched soon, according to a recent leak. According to the leak, the company is looking forward to making the announcement about a high-tech folding phone and several other products before the year ends. Huawei may also plan the launch of its new virtual reality headset at this upcoming launch event. The VR headset was exhibited at 2020’s much-awaited World VR Industry Conference Cloud Summit event.

The technology giant showcased the cutting-edge design of its new device and revealed some details regarding it at its event. Yet, there was not any information regarding the price of the unit. The earlier first generation edition had a price of around $470 and 2999 Yuan, and is available through Vmall. The estimated pricing is higher for the new version that is coming out.

The second gen Huawei VR Glass, also known as the 6DOF Game Set, has a design that is quite similar to its earlier edition. It has two different cameras and offers improved tracking to users through two cameras. In addition, the device also has controllers similar to those in Google Daydream i.e. Oculus Quest. Instead of a joystick and dual button layout, it has three buttons.

First generation
The first generation glasses had a look similar to skiing glasses. It had dual LCD displays measuring 2.1-inches, providing users a joint resolution of 3200 x 1600 pixels, and a refresh rate of 90Hz. The device being used impacts the refresh rate of the display. Weighing at just 166 grams, the glasses did not have an in-built battery. That model also has two diopter dials, enabling individuals to put on their prescription glasses for tweaking focus.

Second generation
In addition, the VR glasses from Huawei enjoy compatibility with Huawei PCs and smartphones. The second generation VR Glass is set to have this feature. Users should also be aware that the headset can be powered from external sources such as a computer, portable batteries, or a smartphone. According to reports, the new glasses also come with a controller in its package. Any further details regarding the 2nd Generation Huawei VR Glass are not known. Consumers and leakers are expecting a launch before 2021 ends.

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