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Revolutionising Maritime Training with Varjo and FORCE

Varjo And FORCE Technology Present Cutting-edge VR-XR Maritime Training


FORCE Technology and Varjo have created the most cutting-edge VR and XR solutions to revolutionise maritime training. This alliance, which combines FORCE Technology’s experience in simulation-based marine technology with Varjo’s cutting-edge hardware and software for virtual and mixed reality, marks a major turning point for the maritime industry.

An integrator partner, FORCE Technology, joined Varjo as part of a strategic framework agreement. The joint venture’s primary goal is to provide innovative VR and XR training solutions to global marine customers.

It aims to provide a compact, highly portable, immersive training system that is portable and can be used anywhere. This development represents a fundamental shift in maritime education, offering increased accessibility and efficiency at a fraction of the cost and logistical headaches associated with traditional training methods.

Combining Varjo’s state-of-the-art mixed reality technology with FORCE Technology’s extensive experience in maritime simulation, the alliance promises to provide unparalleled training options. The cutting-edge technology increases training quality and offers considerable cost savings over conventional simulators by providing realistic and immersive situations.

Capt. Jan Michelsen is excited about pushing the boundaries of maritime training as the Director of Simulation, Ports, Training, and Human Factors at FORCE Technologies. He highlights the solution’s cost and versatility while also stressing the Varjo XR-4 Series headsets’ revolutionary potential when combined with its simulation and software capabilities.

The ultimate objective is to make effective training more widely available, whether it is delivered in classrooms or on board ships.

The objective of FORCE Technology and Varjo’s immersive training solutions is to meet the changing demands of the industry and alleviate the shortage of competent sailors around the globe. These solutions preserve scalability and simplicity of installation while enabling firms to teach employees affordably and effectively.

Varjo Seppo Aaltonen, Chief Commercial Officer, emphasises the significance of the collaboration in shaping the course of maritime education. He believes that the immersive simulator from FORCE Technology will overcome the challenges associated with traditional training and provide the industry a more engaging and realistic experience in addition to major operational advantages.

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