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New AR Radiology Suite by MediView XR and GE HealthCare

New AR Radiology Suite by MediView XR and GE HealthCare
New AR radiology suite being used clinically by MediView XR and GE HealthCare

The device allows medical professionals to collaborate digitally and see a patient’s 3D images and medical scans in exquisite detail using an augmented reality headset.

The first clinical use of the jointly created OmnifyXR Interventional Suite System from GE HealthCare and MediView XR, an augmented reality-based medical technology company, has been successfully finished.

The firms said in 2022 that they were working together on OmnifyXR, a surgical navigation system and augmented reality (AR) tool that would enable doctors better examine a patient’s anatomy by fusing GE’s imaging equipment with MediView’s. This will empower them to make better informed clinical choices, and improve remote communication amongst care teams.

The platform allows doctors to work remotely for consultation, training, or procedure supervision. It also allows them to display up to four video streams simultaneously, increasing workflow efficiency. Finally, doctors can interact with a 3D model of a patient’s anatomy to support planning during a procedure.

In addition, medical professionals may use hands-free voice commands, watch a holographically presented imaging video stream, and use speech commands to change the size, tilt, and direction of a patient’s picture.

Dr. Jafar Golzarian, the creator of North Star Vascular and Interventional and a radiology professor, utilised OmnifyXR for two operations in its first clinical use case: genicular artery embolisation and prostate artery embolisation.

According to a press release from Golzarian, the augmented reality and heads-up display features of OmnifyXR—particularly the 3D anatomy image provided by the holographic scan—are revolutionary and open up previously unimaginable therapeutic prospects.

Golzarian expressed his excitement about being a part of the team handling these first cases and expressed his curiosity about how this may enhance clinical and operational results for patients and physicians.

The AR surgical navigation system, XR90, manufactured by Ohio-based MediView XR, received 510(k) approval from the FDA last year. With this gadget, physicians may see a patient’s anatomical features in three dimensions both before and after surgery.

The company also obtained $15 million in strategic financing in 2023, one year after receiving a $9.9 million investment.

The Mayo Clinic and MediView XR entered into a knowledge agreement in 2022 wherein the medical centre would provide clinical, technological, and research expertise to accelerate innovation and improve procedural augmented reality solutions.

Other companies in the surgical extended reality industry include Augmedics, an augmented reality surgical navigation tool, and Osso VR, a virtual reality surgical education and assessment platform.

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