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METALENSE 2 XR is P&C Solution’s CES 2024 AR/XR Breakthrough

The METALENSE 2 XR headset to be introduced during the CES 2024 event

The company P&C Solution, which is in the business of providing augmented reality (AR) glasses and extended reality (XR) simulator solutions, has just made an announcement about its participation at CES 2024, which is one of the major technological trade events in the world. At this event, the company will present its METALENSE 2 gadget, which will be unveiled in a few weeks.

P&C Solution, which provides a variety of alternative reality (AR) and augmented reality (XR) technologies for businesses, will be presenting the most recent version of its METALENSE product. This item’s initial release won the CES 2023 Innovation Award after it was demonstrated at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2023 earlier in the year.

The company claims that the METALENSE 2 AR headgear represents a major advancement in exterior visibility. It has the Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2 CPU as its power source. According to P&C Solution, the headset’s plastic lenses and one-of-a-kind geometric optical design significantly improve light efficiency and external light transmittance compared to conventional diffractive optics. In addition, the OLED dual-display of the METALSENSE 2 has a maximum high definition resolution, which results in an image quality that is more distinct than that of its predecessor.

P&C Solution went on to say that one of the most significant characteristics of METALENSE 2 is its capacity to enable extended reality applications in addition to augmented reality applications. A spokesperson from P&C Solution noted that the new model intends to give clients an enhanced and immersive experience, in addition to a digital content integration environment that is more advanced.

In addition, the business has optimised the product’s continuous use period by using standardised rechargeable batteries. This ensures that consumers have access to a power source that is both dependable and changeable.

CES will be P&C Solution’s third year of attendance in the year 2024. During the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), which was held from January 9–12,  METALENSE 2 will be on display at the company’s exhibit #16059, which is located in the Las Vegas Convention Centre.

Given its ongoing innovation and position in the consumer electronics industry, the company claimed that it is dedicated to creating AR and VR technologies and improving customer experiences globally.

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