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Innoactive and Join XR Platforms for LMS Access

Innoactive and Join XR Platforms for LMS Access
Innoactive Bridge XR and Amalgamate Their Training Platforms

Motive XMS and Innoactive’s XR CMS are being combined by the XR experts.

The Innoactive XR training content may now be accessed by users through any learning management system (LMS). Users of training platforms offered by Motive and Innoactive may construct virtual reality training courses. CEO Ryan Chapman stated that the company is excited to partner with Innoactive to deliver this powerful integration, in reference to the company’s recent technological collaboration with Innoactive. Making XR training as impactful and accessible as possible has always been its mission. According to the statement, this connection with Innoactive is a crucial step towards a larger ecosystem of solutions that assist clients in incorporating XR training into their learning programmes.

Motive claims that there are several advantages for users of this technological alliance.

Unlike standalone headsets, Innoactive’s streaming service allows for the rendering of complicated data. It will no longer be necessary to place cloud-based graphics processing units (GPUs) inside workstations in order to enable streaming. Additionally, it eliminates the need for individual device downloads by safely storing XR files and 3D models on the cloud.

Right now, businesses may execute training materials from SCORM or xAPI-based LMSs using Motive’s XMS Launch Server. This feature may now be extended to material viewed through Innoactive. 

Motive’s XMS plugin system, which enables developers to use Motive XMS in conjunction with other platforms to provide more XR training tools, was used to build the integration. With it, customers may access all of their XR material without sacrificing visual quality thanks to Innovative’s XR streaming platform.

Motive lists scalability, corporate control, improved user experience, and quicker training development as the four main advantages of the connection.

It is said that businesses will find it easy to include XR training into their existing LMS system.

Higher engagement and better learning outcomes are expected from the excellent XR training content, which is provided via an intuitive LMS interface.

The integration facilitates scalable training programmes, enabling organisations of all sizes to grow their XT training solutions in an efficient manner.

Lastly, capabilities like version control, single sign-on, and user administration are available for CMS business control through Innoactive’s Portal.

The following deployment and experience benefits of the integration were reaffirmed by Innoactive CEO Daniel Seidl: With just a single click, everyone can access VR material because of Innoactive’s dedication to helping businesses extend VR to their worldwide workforce.

By collaborating with, the company can offer a comprehensive solution that streamlines the administration and distribution of XR training materials while also improving the training experience.

With clients including Accenture, the Salt River Project, and SD Mines, has amassed a distinguished portfolio.

It joined the group of tech companies chosen by Chevron Technology Ventures last year with the goal of boosting innovation in the energy sector.

All Motive and Innoactive users may now access the integration immediately. was listed in a recent XR Today analysis of the top XR immersive automotive inventors for 2024.

The following vendors were also featured: Basemark, Holoride, Infineon Technologies, Holo-Light, Glartek, VR-Vision, MakeReal, and Crosshelmet.

In response to the increasing demand for industrial metaverse capabilities, XR suppliers have focused their attention on the automobile industry quickly.

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