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Immersion Storytelling at Belfast XR Festival in 2024

Third Belfast XR Festival introduces new virtual worlds

The 2024 Belfast XR Festival was inaugurated at Hill Street’s Black Box by Lord Mayor Ryan Murphy.

For its third year, Belfast XR curates world-class immersive technological content that elevates narrative.

Extended Reality (XR) includes VR and AR. VR is a computer-generated artificial environment with realistic scenes, whereas AR is a phone or iPad-viewed digital overlay over reality.

Celebrating the third edition in the capital, Lord Mayor Councillor Ryan Murphy expressed his excitement at being part of the Belfast XR festival’s inauguration. Belfast, long a pioneer in linen manufacture and shipbuilding, now excels in technology and creative sectors. He remarked that, at Belfast City Council, the authorities prioritise fostering creativity through the Belfast Agenda and Belfast Region City Deal. The Belfast XR Festival offers a glimpse into future technological innovations. Everyone, including those new to augmented reality, is encouraged to experience this immersive storytelling experience.

Belfast City Council’s sponsorship of the 2024 Belfast XR Festival, which features storytelling, artistic endeavours, theatre, music, dance, writing, and performing arts, was greatly welcomed by Deepa Mann-Kler, the event’s director and organiser.

Since 2016, she has worked with VR and AR with her firm, Neon. She noticed that Northern Ireland lacks access to the wonderful tales being delivered in these mediums. She exclaimed that her team is excited to host the 2024 festival with the help of supporters, providing unique experiences to individuals who would not otherwise have access to them. They want to develop an annual XR event that encourages storytelling and delivers the greatest worldwide VR and AR content to new local audiences. The crew will walk participants through using a virtual reality headset.

The Legacy festival, held at the Black Box on Wednesday and Thursday, February 28 and 29, will allow attendees to step into the past, interact with historical figures, and experience significant events firsthand.

National Lottery via Arts Council of Northern Ireland supports Belfast XR Festival 2024.

The Arts Council of Northern Ireland is happy to sponsor the Belfast XR Festival thanks to National Lottery players, said Matthew Malcolm, Creative Industries Development Officer. The Arts Council supports creative practices that bridge artform borders and enhance digital capabilities in the Northern Ireland arts industry through financing.

Through Northern Ireland Screen, the Department for Communities supports this year’s event.

As Belfast XR approaches its third year, Northern Ireland Screen is proud to support its growth as a pioneer in immersive storytelling, pushing creative expression and technology to new heights. Belfast XR will provide a unique chance to see 360 cinema, interactive virtual reality, and augmented reality from renowned worldwide filmmakers experimenting with new technology and new works from the most promising new talent.

Belfast XR Festival 2024 offers three immersive experiences: Stay Alive My Son about survival, Everlasting about everlasting life, and Gaudí, The Atelier of the Divine about Antoni Gaudí’s work. Those who attend one of the festival’s three major events may also enjoy three complimentary activities.

Deepa remarked that the festival is open to everyone, 16 and older. They need not have tried AR, VR, or other experiences. The crew will take people through the whole procedure from the moment they enter the Black Box.

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