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HTC VIVE Improves Hand Tracking on XR Elite Headset

The producer of immersive gear plans to improve its hand monitoring equipment for dimly lit environments.

Recently, HTC VIVE revealed that it has improved the hand-tracking features for its premier mixed reality (MR) gadget, the VIVE XR Elite.

The IT behemoth from Taoyuan City claims that its hand-tracking technologies will provide improved dependability under a broader variety of illumination circumstances.

The firm made a post on social media stating that users should prepare themselves to receive improved performance, particularly in situations with low light. It hinted that users could bid adieu to complex lighting arrangements and concerns about unwanted reflections.

The Focus 3 and VIVE XR Elite are two of HTC VIVE’s premium headsets, and both use hand monitoring for a variety of features. Customers may utilise this capability to engage with material, take part in virtual discussions, and use tools to maximise efficiency.

On the HTC VIVE XR Elite for VR and MR environments, HTC VIVE has turned on hand monitoring settings. The VIVE Wave SDK enables builders to provide assistance for their own apps as well.

Consumers are now able to squeeze and drag for navigation whilst using their forefinger and thumb. In lesser illumination, users may still use slides, browse VIVE menu choices, and use additional functions.

At present, users may toggle from hand tracking to controls by bringing both of them into view of the headgear. In addition, they may turn off hand monitoring in the preferences panel.

After almost a month following the 1.0.999.374 version of HTC VIVE’s XR Elite Software (FOTA 4.5), the company has upgraded it again.

Released on June 30th, the latest update has been designed to enhance the enterprise-level headset’s functionality for users.

HTC VIVE enabled PCVR connectivity using a PIN number so that gadgets could be paired even in the absence of a display. You’ll need VIVE Streaming Hub version 1.2.1 or above to use this function.

In addition, the HTC Vive PC media collection may be accessed using paired bookmarks. If the audio device is fully charged prior to being removed from the charging dock, an indicator will light up.

In addition, the headset’s Instant Mode will allow wearers to get alerts beyond secure areas in order to refocus their attention on the task at hand.

Along with these updates, the firm has added capabilities to its headsets, including improved WiFi operation, interoperability, and USB Type-C support for USB-C dongles.

The updated version also included extra services for VIVE Business+ and fixed errors with Miracast and secure boundaries.

Changes were made after XR Today’s interview with John Dabill, HTC VIVE’s product operations director, at the Enterprise Metaverse Summit hosted by The Economist.

He discussed the VIVE Flow, VIVE XR Elite, and its Business Edition equivalent during the conference, detailing how they sought to address actual company concerns. The latest model was on display at the exhibition, replete with full-colour passthrough, interactive resources, and compact dimensions.

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