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Winemakers Relying on Augmented Reality for Raising Consumer Engagement

Wine brands from Australia and Chile are using innovative and immersive methods for remote consumer engagement using augmented reality.

Australian winemaker Zonte and Chile-based Pengwine are utilising augmented reality technology creatively for raising engagement and boosting sales of their products. The winemakers are collaborating with AR solutions company DRNK:AR for crafting custom AR experiences on bottle labels. These are encouraging potential consumers to interact with the products being offered by the companies.

Consumers in Australia are familiar with Zonte’s Footstep brand. The origin of this name has an interesting story that is mostly overlooked by many of its consumers. Now, there is a clear way for people to look for the brand’s story with the help of AR technology. The AR platform is helping the brand gain access to more consumers and enabling it to tell its stories in a more engaging way.

Zonte, the Adelaide-based brand has come up with a mascot that looks like a giant wombat or Diprotodon. It is named Zonte and will help consumers learn about stories related to the winery. Anna Fisher, from Zonte’s Footstep, expressed that Zonte has been portrayed as a vivacious character who loves banter on its website. She explained that the character was not being highlighted fully as people had to scroll through texts to discover the story.

According to Fisher, the brand decided to rely on the augmented reality expertise of DRNK:AR for generating a 3D version of the character. She remarked that the brand is hopeful for engaging customers in an innovative way and putting forward its story with the Zonte 3D character. The brand can help consumers learn more about it whilst also entertaining them.

The AR developer and Zonte’s Footstep have taken the augmented reality experience to another level by introducing interactive augmented reality elements. These require viewers to actively participate in their interactions. The brand has stated that the future may involve two-way engagement with consumers, as opposed to passive storytelling.

Pengwine, the Chilean winemaker is among one of the first alcoholic beverage industry companies to opt for augmented reality. The company has launched an AR campaign named “Get the Band Together” recently. The campaign, which runs for 7 weeks, helps participants win weekly prizes. There is also a grand prize they can win at the end of the campaign.

Chris Milliken, the President, and CEO of PengWine, said that the company’s wines have been named after penguin species. Each of the wines has been given a unique personality also. Milliken remarked that a music-centric ad campaign makes sense as music and wine works well for uniting people.

Speaking on the partnership with DRNK: AR, Milliken expressed that the PengWine team was enthusiastic about the partnership, and the prospects of campaign gamification it brings. Milliken also remarked that the creative use of AR can also be useful for boosting sales. The DRNK:AR suite encompasses the entirety of the consumer experience starting from awareness to repurchase.

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