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Web3 Technology Brand Kaleidoco Accumulates $7M Seed Funding for a New AR and Metaverse Platform

Web3 entertainment brand Kaleidoco is known as a developer of state-of-the-art AR experiences. It had recently made an announcement regarding its accumulation of $7 million in a seed funding round. Gemini, Animoca Brands, Adit Ventures, GameFi Ventures, Jane Street, HexTrust, Merit Circle, TSG, Nexo, and SuperChain Capital, some of the leading players in the entertainment, blockchain, and gaming sectors, are some of the most prominent investors. Kaleidoco will utilise the newly acquired funds to achieve greater growth through hiring more people. It is putting in efforts for the creation of two offerings i.e. Particle Ink Metaverse and AR Tech Platform.

The new round of funding by Kaleidoco is only one of the many developments for the company in recent times. It had unveiled a new mixed reality (MR) metaverse offering known as Particle Ink. It is a 2.5D environment that was released back during the start of the TED2022. At the presentation, the company revealed the brand new Augmented Reality Multi-Viewer tech that is currently under consideration for a patent. It enabled almost 1400 people at the event to get a glimpse on augmented reality technology, and they also witnessed , which allowed nearly 1,400 guests in attendance to simultaneously experience AR, projection mapping, and live performance via synchronised tablets. The event had also been streamed live around the world.

Kaleidoco has also launch its very own 2.5D entry-point portal for Particle Ink: The Speed of Dark, situated in the Las Vegas Arts District. It has been opened up for viewers for several days and they can find tickets for the same on the Particle Ink website.

Kaleidoco will expand the Particle Ink Metaverse later in the year with the official launch of its very first augmented reality based NFT collection, along with the GameFi experience using its proprietary Augmented Unification Technology.

Jennifer Tuft, co-founder & CEO of Kaleidoco, mentioned that the objective of Kaleidoco is to advance Web3 and mixed reality amusement by using the Particle Ink Metaverse and AR technologies to interact, motivate, and link the entire globe. According to her, relying on AR technology as the basis for a metaverse enables individuals to remain rooted in the material realm along with those around them whilst still enjoying the rewards of the digital world’s infinite power.

Cassandra Rosenthal, co-founder & CEO of Kaleidoco, stated that the firm is enthusiastic about the prospects of augmented reality (AR) inside and outside the entertainment business, as it understands AR will play an equally important role as virtual reality (VR) within the metaverse. She said that AR is the complement of the fourth dimension to everyday situations. The company has started witnessing the introduction of it across areas such as education, social relationships, and retail divisions, with retail being the most potent form for bridging the gap between businesses and their prospective buyers.

Further information regarding Kaleidoco and its new offerings can be found on the official website of the company.

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