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WaveOptics enters into new augmented reality deal with Taipei-based manufacturers

UK based diffractive waveguides technology company steps into developmental associations with Winstron and Compal. WaveOptics, UK-based venture capital-backed company offering a range of sophisticated diffractive waveguide technology. It aims to enhance the experiences of users with the help of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) wearables. The new development partnerships will pave the way for further innovations for the company.   

WaveOptics, a startup organisation based in Oxford, UK, which recently disclosed news regarding its initial Series C funding stage recently, is set to partner with Taipei manufacturing firms Winston and Compal, for developing latest augmented reality-based consumer electronics and enterprise-level products.

The announcement regarding these new partnerships was made during the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) held in Las Vegas recently. The new deals followed closely on the heels of another recent WaveOptics partnership, with mainland China-based investor ODM Goertek. Yet another partnership was formed by the company with Corning, who will be responsible for providing high-grade glasses to utilise for waveguide production.

A breakthrough moment for augmented reality innovation

Representatives of WaveOptics have expressed that the company has arrived at a vital point of AR innovation, owing to the rise in the demand of AR products in the marketplace. Augmented reality wearables utilise diffractive waveguides, which are important optical components of the devices. In this regard, the technology known as novel grating, developed by WaveOptics, is set to create better AR experiences. Novel grating will amalgamate various optical features including – a bigger ‘eye box’ or the empty space in front of one’s eyes where image formation takes place, and a more expansive field of view which comes with a minimal form factor for staying true to the norms of AR eyewear.

WaveOptics waveguides come with two separate diffraction regions, which facilitate its concept of enhanced augmented reality experiences. Such a mechanism differs greatly from a conventional setup with three separate gratings.

Based on the terms of the agreement with Compal, WaveOptics will work closely with the company to develop augmented reality wearables with smart glasses form factors. David Hayes, CEO of WaveOptics, stated that the company’s agreement with Compal will enable it to adequately meet the needs of both consumer-based and enterprise-level applications of technology. According to him, the industry has so far struggled to achieve much in this regard.

The company’s agreement with Compal will enable it to adequately meet the needs of both consumer-based and enterprise-level applications of technology. – David Hayes

JS Liang from Compal explained how WaveOptics modules facilitate a one-of-a-kind visual experience along with design flexibility, owing to the wide field of view and huge eye-box. Liang stated that the WaveOptics waveguides will enable users to enjoy an unimaginable experience, and greater adoption is expected to drive up AR glasses growth.

Wistron from Taipei has made investments in the ‘extended reality’ domain for several years. Jeff Lin, president of the computing products division, stated that the WaveOptics partnership is in line with the company’s vision of enhancing technology for its leading-edge range of products.

Lin has expectations that waveguides will be utilised within a greater array of devices for facilitating augmented reality experiences.

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