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vTime, social Virtual Reality App, launches a portal to AR users having Android and iOS

Today, most of the phone AR apps concentrate on personal experiences. With a new competitor, things will become more social. After tested in the arena of VR, vTime is eventually bringing immersive social communication experience into augmented reality.

To understand what this is, it is essential to demonstrate what is vTime. Over the past few years, vTime has permitted virtual reality users to come face to face with the help avatar by means of headsets like, Google Daydream, Oculus Rift, Windows Mixed Reality, Oculus Go, Samsung Gear VR.

After spending a significant amount of time in vTime, it can be concluded that vTime is one such VR apps that have changed the entire look of VR. It is brilliantly immersive and successful in holding virtual conferences with persons staying in different places. By using this app, you can personalise your avatar, which is close enough to your real look in the virtual environment.

Apart from encountering with other individuals in virtual space, the virtual reality app also allows you to move in various locations like, on a mountain top or a beach or a moving train and rooms while you are talking. The virtual areas make such experiences feel more immersive, unlike taking the help of Star Trek transporter to organise meetings at different places.

Above: Vtime XR

Currently, vTime mobile apps have a fresh new augmented reality mode for Android and iOS devices that support ARCore and ARKit. These let users communicate with virtual reality users without AR or VR headset. One year ago, the company had scorned this fresh concept, but now, has opened vTime’s secret VR to the augmented reality’s users who love to stay in the real world as while they are communicating with other vTime operators.

Similar to ARCore and ARKit applications, the operation initiated by scanning the surface through the smartphone. Once the scanning is done, the virtual space comes into the actual world where you can observe or engage in different chats with vTime users.

The application is free and needs the user to create his/her own account. It is not similar to other

Immersive applications. The team responsible for developing vTime is quick to react to the concern of the users. Henceforth, if there is anything where you require assistance or something that you did not understand well, the team is ready to help you.

It can be concluded that vTime functions pretty well, and it is no more sure that people would prefer to use augmented reality mode to connect with the app as the version of VR in vTime is completely immersive and it is actually that good. But for the users who do not have immersive headsets, they can use smartphone applications. These apps have the ability to act as a medium. And when you need to get in the avatar version to chat, these smartphone apps will become an important link between AR and VR worlds.

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