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Volkswagen’s ID.3 and ID.4 Come with AR Head-Up Display

Volkswagen’s ID.3 and ID.4 Come with AR Head-Up Display
German auto giant Volkswagen has planning to take the augmented reality to new heights. The automaker will introduce its two electric models ID.3 and ID.4 with AR head-up display. With this advanced head-up display, the global auto major is giving drivers a new and efficient tool to access information.


The inclusion of high-tech features like augmented reality head-up display will help Volkswagen to make their electric can more popular. The AR head-up display helps users to access and see important information. The display is separated into two different parts. The driver’s field of view features the large window design for the dynamic display.

The driver’s field of view can cover a virtual distance of nearly 10 meters, while its diagonal measurement coverage is approximately 1.8 meters.

You can find the close-range window just under the large-far-range window. It is a static display and it shows navigation symbols, road signs, driving speed, assist, etc. The information will float within three meters before the driver.


A Genuine Innovation for Electric Cars 

When talking about the new inclusion in Volkswagen green cars, Frank Welsch, who is one of the members of the Board of Management for Development said that the company has introduced a genuine innovation for its electric series.

He added that as of now they have no plan to include it in the company’s premium vehicles. Mr. Welsch also said that Volkswagen wants to make this innovative feature available and affordable to a large number of customers worldwide.

All the displays have been set perfectly and they will project information dynamically. When the car reaches a point, where it needs to turn off based on navigational direction, the driver will get two signals on the display. In the beginning, the display will project an advance notification on the level of the road, following which the driver will see three arrows at the point.

The closer the vehicle gets to that point the bigger the arrows will become. The textures will not be a distraction for the driver, as they will fade away to ensure a clear view for the driver. According to the company, Volkswagen has followed the “Less is more” strategy. The concept will determine that the device and its features will not distract the driver under any circumstances.


A Pioneering Project for Technology-Based Driving 

The concept features a picture generation unit (PGU) that works as the heart for the AR head-up display. The PGU is placed inside the dash and it is one of the most important parts of the concept. In the ID series models, you can find two central computers one of which houses an augmented reality creator.

The AR creator generates images and calculates the position of the symbols The AR creator receives information or data from the navigation map, radar sensor, and the front camera.

A Pioneering Project for Technology-Based Driving
A Pioneering Project for Technology-Based Driving. Photo: Volkswagen


Innovative technologies like AR and VR are extending their reach and continue to excite us with their game-changing potentials. The inclusion of AR in Volkswagen electric vehicles can enhance our driving experience and it can be a regular concept in the future.

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