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Vertiv introduces AR software for in-depth product research

The Vertiv XR app is an innovative platform in the data centre industry that enables operators, IT supervisors, and distribution partners to envision Vertiv offerings in the place they would take up in any specific building, according to Vertiv, a leading supplier of vital digital infrastructure and continuity options.

In the interest of knowing how well the architecture will enable their computation and effect the ecological footprint, the virtual depiction assists current data centre judgment callers by offering a viable method to design the space as well as providing assistance after placement.

Vertiv’s dedication to the customer experience and the growth of its available resources led to the development of the Vertiv XR app, the most recent development in the company’s extensive and continuous digitalisation project. Vertiv’s Vertiv XR application is the very first of its type, and it uses the same industry-standard technologies seen in home renovation initiatives to evaluate and improve data centre infrastructure. Computing 2022 Technology Product Awards dubbed it the Best Digital Transformation Product or Service – Enterprise, and IT Channel gave it a perfect score of five stars, calling it the greatest AR technology software evaluated in 2022.

Vertiv CIO EMEA & Global VP Customer & Employee Technology, Cristian Scarpa said that the company’s goal with the Vertiv XR application is to provide a seamless transition across online and offline experiences. The app enables the company’s users and associates to study merchandise specifics right from their handheld devices, make better educated purchasing choices and suggestions, and see in concrete terms how product innovations will connect with their current settings.

The Vertiv XR app uses augmented reality to show consumers a genuine representation of the item in their desired setting, whether it is in a data centre, workplace, residence, or foyer, to help them make an informed decision about which product is best for their needs. Vertiv products may be seen and explored at the user’s convenience, and they can maintain engagement long after the initial buying and setting up phases by learning about related products and finding it easier to communicate their knowledge with others on social media.

According to Vertiv’s worldwide VP of demand generation marketing, Martin Coulthard, said that his team has not yet come across this specific type of applications in a data centre, yet it’s been employed for a wide range of consumer uses, such as showing people how fresh cabinetry in their kitchens or alternate cladding may appear on their homes. He said that the company is letting people try out the gear prior to acquiring it, so they can feel comfortable with their Vertiv transaction.

The ultimate goal is to improve user engagement with Vertiv available on the internet, to make it simpler for customers to locate what they’re looking for while using Vertiv XR or, and to assist Vertiv and its collaborators in having more relevant, fruitful interactions with customers and associates.

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