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Verizon and McGraw Hill Enhance Learning with a Free Augmented Reality App

McGraw Hill and Verizon have partnered up recently to introduce McGraw Hill AR, the latest application that will provide augmented reality (AR) based learning activities for K-12 students and teaching professionals across the USA.

The new app is free and harnesses the  AR technology’s innovative and engaging elements to turn educational ideas to life. It is providing teachers and students with novel methods of dealing with educational information.

Shawn Smith, chief innovation officer at McGraw Hill’s School division, stated that since the organisation has started attempts to integrate the significance of hands-on education with the advantages of technological innovations, they have discovered that augmented reality (AR) is an area to look into for the creation of its teaching products portfolio.

Considering the interruptions in institutional education over several years, Smith believes that the new AR application can develop alternative techniques of student engagement with vital notions and resources. He acknowledged that it may be true that augmented reality may not have far-ranging use cases as yet. However, it is being considered a tool that has immense potential for making waves in the future. Smith expressed enthusiasm on behalf of the company to become part of an initiative that helps children and teachers at schools.

The McGraw Hill AR app contains benchmark teaching materials for instructors that are only accessible via Verizon Innovative Learning HQ. It is a futuristic virtual learning gateway that provides unlimited and free-of-cost access to realistic educational offerings set in extended reality (XR) for students at the K-12 level. The McGraw Hill AR software combines plenty of AR VR-based instructional materials, along with tailored study guides, and qualified career development on classroom-based technological inclusion. The app already contains three algebra preparation and geometry exercises for students in grades 6-12. The full suite of ten mathematics-based activities will be available in a few months.

Alex Servello, Verizon’s director of corporate social responsibility, stated that Given how teachers are reconsidering what methods they can use to teach, and how school students learn, now it is more crucial than at any point in history, to facilitate easier access to innovative and immersive tools for education. These also open up new learning possibilities. Verizon Innovative Learning HQ has liberalised accessibility to groundbreaking educational offerings by equipping teachers with the technology that McGraw Hill AR offers to them. It has facilitated the propagation of increasingly immersive and individualised learning opportunities for children.


Verizon is focused on creating digital literacy via its revolutionary education project. Verizon Innovative Learning is currently celebrating a decade of spearheading initiatives for educational equality to benefit vulnerable populations across the United States.

The McGraw Hill augmented reality app provides revolutionary and benchmark courses that motivate and support students along with developing their level of conceptual comprehension.

The app’s activities augment pre-existing curriculums of school boards by encouraging involvement and enhancing knowledge recollection through methods such as discovery, communication, and several experiences that involve multiple sensations.

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