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Using Augmented Reality to Experience Mahatma Gandhi’s Life and Ideals

Earlier, there have been numerous experiments in showcasing Mahatma Gandhiji’s principles and ideals. But, for the first time ever, people were able to experience the renowned personality’s life through Augmented Reality. This kind of technology allows for an interactive portrayal of a real-world scenario, resulting in experiential learning.

Gandhi’s life through Augmented Reality

4point2 Technologies, a Bengaluru-based tech firm, uniquely paid homage to the respected figure on the Gandhi Jayanti occasion at the Mahatma Gandhi Park. By utilizing AR, the firm presented an experiential understanding of Gandhiji and his message through speeches, images, music, a 3D projection, movies, and documentaries, all through a smartphone.

Gandhi’s life was depicted through AR for the first time. The public could understand the man’s values through this experiential learning. It will remain available till October 10, and all one must do is install the ‘MarkAR’ app on their mobile phones.

Mr. Shiva Kumar, Founder Chairman and Managing Director, 4point2 Technologies and Mr. MJ Srikant, Strategist & Director, 4point2 Technologies give a demo of ‘Experiencing Mahatma Gandhi’s life through Augmented Reality’ on the occasion of Gandhi Jayanthi in Bengaluru.

Part of their collective consience

Kumar Shiva Kumar, 4point2 Technologies’ Chairman and Managing Director, spoke about this innovative homage and described Gandhiji as part of their collective conscience. Kumar, also the founder, said that Gandhiji stood for non-violence, self-reliance, and peace; all of which are relevant even in the present times. His beliefs have inspired them to offer this experiential learning using the ‘MarkAR’ app. It is their homage to the great man whose philosophy guides the country even today.

A warm welcome

This novel initiative received a warm welcome from different segments of society. Karnataka’s Minister for Tourism, Sri. C.T. Ravi talked about the present advanced technological time where everything is smartphone driven. He then spoke about 4point2 Technologies’ AR-based work on Gandhiji’s life and termed it as a positive initiative. Ravi believes that through this, children will learn about the great person interactively and effectively.

Still relevant in the modern context

The Strategist and Director of 4point2 Technologies, M J Srikant, praised Mahatma Gandhi’s strategies and referred to incidents like the Champaran movement, the civil disobedience movement, and the Dandi March. Srikant further said that Gandhiji caught the imagination of the country through his unique ideas in handling the colonialists. Srikant also stated that the remarkable man’s strategies are still relevant in the modern context and are globally utilized.

HS Doreswamy also sent a special message. The 102-year-old, who was only 23 when he became a part of India’s freedom movement, talked about the Father of the Nation and that he viewed machines and technology as complementary to human effort. His dream of an independent nation was to make every Indian contribute towards the country’s development, keeping aside their greed and ambitions.

Vital Audiences

The Founder and CTO of 4point2 Technologies, Madhu Chander D, mentioned that Augmented Reality opened new vistas for a variety of applications across sectors. Madhu Chander D, also the Director and VP of 4point2 Technologies, said that in this virtual era, Augmented Reality can play a significant role in reaching out to vital audiences and also present impactful experiential learnings that will last long. The company’s initiative was to display Augmented Reality’s capabilities that span all the sectors impacting society.

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