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Users to construct AR apps for Apple through Siri

According to a paywalled story written by Wayne Ma of The Information, Apple is said to be developing new software tools that will allow consumers and developers to construct augmented reality apps for the widely rumoured AR/VR headgear that the company is working on.

Strangely, the article states that customers who are not programmers would be able to use Siri to build augmented reality (AR) apps for the headgear and then share those applications with other users.

Apple thinks that even non-technical individuals can teach the headset to develop an augmented reality application using the software tools and then post it to the Apple App Store for other users to download. By employing the technology, it would be unnecessary to programme the animal’s movements, design the animal from scratch, and determine how it would travel in a 3D environment with obstacles. Virtual animals might wander about a room and over or around real objects in an app made by users.

According to the report, Apple’s technology is comparable to those of Roblox and Minecraft since it enables users to build their own 3D tools and environments. Users, in addition to developers, will have the ability to upload and distribute their own augmented reality (AR) apps via the App Store. It would seem that Apple is putting the technology that it acquired from the Montreal company Fabric Software in 2017 to good use.

Apple presently provides augmented reality (AR) creative capabilities on the iPhone, iPad, and Reality Composer. These skills may one day be extended to headgear.

Because the information that was utilised to generate the article is out of date, it is essential to bear in mind that Apple’s goals may have evolved significantly after those individuals saw demonstrations of the tool for the final time in the year 2021.

The insider claims that in addition, Apple is working on generating augmented reality content for the headgear.

Those who are familiar with Apple’s content strategy for the headwear say that executives at the company place a significant emphasis on health and wellness. This emphasis includes the development of ideas for augmented reality applications that assist with activities such as exercising and meditating. An early demonstration of augmented reality was made by four individuals, and it included a Zen garden in which users could rest.

Later in the year is when the public can probably expect to see Apple unveil their new headgear. Reports indicate that it will include a user experience that is comparable to that of iOS, complete with a grid of applications, advanced eye and hand-tracking capabilities, and the ability to function as an external display for a Mac. It is possible that the software tools for the headset will be made public during Apple’s annual developer conference, WWDC, in June. This would allow app developers sufficient time to create augmented reality and virtual reality applications for the headgear before it is made available to consumers later in the year.

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