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Upcoming TV Show Gay Aliens in Metaverse will Feature A Cast of Unique AR Avatars

A situational comedy show with fun AR avatars will stream on traditional networks as well as OTT platforms along with a unique AR version.


Over the years, we have seen AR technology being used in a variety of ways. However, there was nothing quite like a TV show where AR avatars ruled the story. That’s right, the brand-new TV series Gay Aliens in Metaverse is going to make the dream come true. The series will be brought to us by a California-based production house named Archstone Entertainment in collaboration with XR/3D studio Altar Inc. The upcoming show will feature a host of roughly drawn AR characters developed as a segment of the NFT Project by the Gay Aliens Society .

As Archstone Entertainment describes, Gay Aliens in Metaverse will be a sitcom that can air on both traditional TV networks as well as streaming services, apart from the usual platforms, the production company is also releasing a unique AR version of the series designed to make viewers feel like they are actually a part of the universe. No words have been received yet as to how this feature will work. However, experts assume that it will involve some form of advanced smartphone technology.

Illia Pashkov, CEO of Altar Inc. Said in an official statement that the 3D/ XR company is visibly excited and looking forward to partnering with Archstone Entertainment and to co-create this one-of-a-kind TV series. She also stated that Gay Aliens in Metaverse will utilise innovative technologies as well as digital experiences developed by the tech company over the past few years to make this unique experience happen. The technologies will help bridge the gap between entertainment and both the physical and digital worlds. It is being described as a blend of traditional TV with the upcoming metaverse entertainment.

Gay Aliens in Metaverse is the second NFT project financed by on TokenSociety NFT as well as the metaverse platform. Previously, the organisation financed Men of the House, the first-ever TV show exclusively financed by NFTs.

The all-new adult-themed TV series is based on an NFT project launched on the platform and will feature characters from the Gay Aliens Project as its stars. Gay Aliens Society showcases a collection of more than 10000 avatars by graphic artist Time Marso. From this collection, about 20 characters will be chosen to star, co-star, and support recurring characters in the show slated for 10 episodes. Owners of Gay Alien NFTs who wish to participate in this sitcom will be given an opportunity to register their respective NFTs via the dedicated Discord server of Gay Aliens in Metaverse and subsequently, audition for a community-driven casting. There will also be an open casting call for those interested in voice-over acting for the show via the official Discord server. Additional roles will be created for each episode to give NFT owners a chance to take part in the show as guest artists or extras.

A release date for Gay Aliens in Metaverse is yet to be announced by the creators.


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