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Tulsa To Get the Largest AR Mural in the World

Tulsa is set to get the largest augmented reality (AR) mural in the world in the near future. The location for this mural is the wall above the garage of its Main Park Plaza. It will house a large and elaborate artwork that takes up two sides of the building spanning several thousand square feet.

The new artwork will be called “The Majestic” and will be stretching across the northern and eastern sides of the Main Park Plaza building situated at 410 S. Main St. The artists, Eric Skotnes and Ryan Sarfati, who will create the mural design and paint it, have created many murals across Switzerland, New Zealand and cities like Los Angeles, among many other places.

Highlighting the city of Tulsa

Speaking about the project, Sarfati remarked that it will be focused on highlighting the city of Tulsa. He said that the mural will be an amalgamation of what he and his co-contributor has seen in their visits to the city. He elaborated that the concept of the mural originated after they travelled to Tulsa, and also mentioned that it is inspired by the plant and animal life in the city.

Many forms of flora and fauna

Based on a recent press release from Tulsa city, The mural is set to feature many forms of flora and fauna, including the flathead catfish, swallowtail butterflies, scissortail flycatchers, eastern redbuds, among others.

According to Sardari, the mural design also drew its inspiration from the city’s Deco District. Hence, it will also feature some of the construction elements of some of its buildings.

Art-deco framing

Stoknes said that art-deco framing elements will adorn each of the wall’s sides. He explained that the mural will provide watchers a view into the different aspects of varying Tulsa city elements that define it. While looking at it they can see an artistic sculpture of an angel with two babies in her hands, symbolic of the significance of caring for and helping the youth of the city.

15000 square foot

Sarfati has stated that the mural will be spread across a surface area of 15,000 square foot, and is set for completion by mid-July. The AR elements that will be in the mural are yet to be confirmed and should take some more time to complete. According to him, the AR segment of the mural will have the city’s flora and fauna. Users will be able to see animated art along with audio when looking at the mural with their smartphone device cameras. The new mural will also have the help of plaques that contain more information about the features.

Upon completion, this will be the largest AR mural in the world. It will be larger than The Journey in Columbus Ohio that has also been created by these artists.

The Tulsa Parking Authority was responsible for commissioning the artwork by utilising public proposal requests, based on a press release by the city. The plan of improving the storefront had started a couple of years back according to Brian Kurtz, the Executive Director of the Downtown Coordinating Council, Tulsa.

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