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Toyota Partnership with 8th Wall and Conill for AR-based Mobile Web Car Showroom

Interactive Web-based Augmented Reality Mobile Ad Developed by the carmaker for the new 2020 Toyota Corolla Sedan

Toyota customers are gearing up for a unique immersive technology experience prior to joining the dealership queue for the latest vehicle offering from the brand. The globally recognised automotive manufacturer has entered into a partnership with 8th Wall and Conill for the development of an interactive augmented reality (AR) mobile advertisement preceding the launch of the much anticipated 2020 Toyota Corolla vehicle. The web-based experience enables prospective customers to place the vehicle within their own chosen locations. Participants can get a close look at the features of the car from their mobile screens.

Interactive Web-Based AR Ad for the 2020 Toyota Corolla Sedan

Cynthia Tenhouse, vice president, Vehicle Marketing & Communications, stated that the company constantly tries to reinvent vehicle experiences for its guests. Elaborating further regarding the latest AR development, she revealed that the brand is trying to attract more new-gen Hispanic buyers, who are currently a priority audience. The engaging experience enables customers the ability to gain an overview of the features and get familiar with the car right through their mobile devices.

The web-based augmented reality experience designed for the Toyota Corolla Sedan can be seen as a banner advertisement on mobile. Upon clicking the ad, the camera of the mobile user’s device activates in preparation of the AR experience. Viewers are then able to see a Toyota Corolla sedan within their own environment. The ad, which is in Spanish, contains a number of hotspots to highlight the most important features of the car to users. Viewers are able to check out features like the LED headlights, moonroof, and alloy wheels. Prompts in the ad ask users to view the features up close, and they are even able to look inside to get 360-degree views.

Veronica Elizondo, Vice President, and Group Creative Director, Conill, remarked that the advertising company contributed its efforts towards making the Corolla sedan experience to the young Hispanic demographic through mobile devices. Elizondo also revealed that the experience does not require downloading apps, is different than conventional media, and places Toyota firmly as a leader of innovation in the automotive industry.

This AR advertisement is the first one for Toyota. It utilises technology from 8th Wall to offer an interactive 3D model to customers. Participants can open up the moonroof, see the alloy wheels in motion, and switch on the headlights by tapping.

AR offers an instinctive and common way for customers to view digital content. Brands are able to use technology to create meaningful relationships with their customer bases. – Erik Murphy-Chutorian, CEO, 8th Wal.

According to Murphy-Chutorian, the AR experience designed by Conill using 8th Wall technology is an instance of immersive advertisement which is also interactive. Viewers can easily enjoy the experience through their mobile browsers and get an incredibly close look at the exteriors and interiors of the vehicle.

The ad will be available to Android and iOS device users during the latter half of this year.

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