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Tower of David Visitors Get Better Experiences Through Games and AR

An augmented reality (AR) tour was launched recently at the Tower of David – Museum of the History of Jerusalem, to give visitors an immersive experience as they are guided by King David himself. This AR experience can show one how to move around Jerusalem during the reign of King David, or during the 1967 battle to gain control of the city.

Visitors who choose to undergo the experience are given tablets and headphones that enable them to traverse the historical setting. The site contains a mix of three-dimensional characters and real-life monuments by using technology that amalgamates machine learning, digital story-telling, and data analysis. The new offering lets users observe arrows being flung by Roman archers on Jewish soldiers and glance at warplanes flying above the Old City in 1967. They can also take a walk with some famous historical characters.

The experience takes visitors on a journey to the very time when David fought Goliath, the Philistine giant, and champion, along with two other key historical moments that took place in the Holy City, according to Ori Noam, the CEO, and co-founder of Mars. The company is responsible for developing the technology that has made the experience possible. Based on Noam’s accounts to the Jerusalem Post, the two events highlighted by this AR experience are the Great Revolt and the Six-Day-War.

Noam revealed that the visitors can interact with the virtual characters and the technology used can personalise experiences depending on interests. Elaborating further, he said that children may get more interactive and exciting experiences, whilst adults can look forward to fewer games and more of a content-based approach.

Visitors who participate will see arrow volleys launched against Jewish soldiers by Roman archers, and experience the combat of enemy planes in 1967. According to Noam, the developers have worked with professionals from the museum to ensure that the feature is historically accurate. Noam spoke to the Post, looking back to the time when he was engrossed in discussion regarding Goliath’s helmet design approach and its feather placement, as previous concepts made the item similar to that of Roman generals.

AR at the Tower of David. Image source: Jpost

Mars, established two years back, has been in close cooperation with the Tower of David Museum for close to a year for creating the tour experience. Two teams, one based in Tel Aviv, and another crafting animated characters in Los Angeles participated in the development phase. The Jerusalem Development Authority had supported the project being developed within the Innovation Lab at the Tower of David Museum.

Based on the statement provided by the museum, its Innovation Lab has its sights set on amassing and diversifying the Jerusalem start-up scene, with the aid of investors and technology companies. It intends to develop cutting-edge illustrative technology offerings for improving the experience of customers. The augmented reality tour has a runtime of approximately 20 minutes and can be availed at a cost of NIS 20. At its conclusion, visitors across all ages are given a photo op with David and Goliath.

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