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TikTok Dabbles in AR Tech, Soon to Launch Its Own AR Development Platform

TikTok is looking forward to supporting promising AR developers with “TikTok Effect Studio”- a dedicated AR development platform, securing its spot in the growing competition with other social media giants.

The massively popular social media platform for short videos, TikTok is about to introduce its own AR development platform. This platform, to be known as TikTok Effect Studio, will allow AR developers on social media to create exciting AR effects. Following the footsteps of its most prominent contenders Instagram and Snapchat, TikTok will soon launch an open beta of TikTok Effect Studio to keep up in the race.

AR Toolkit

TikTok Effect Studio, as per the teaser, is essentially an AR toolkit that will enable AR developers to create diverse augmented reality filters that will be then available on the short video platform to be accessed by its users. However, the statement maintained that the project is still in its nascent stage, more of an experiment at this level. It is more than possible that the features of the said toolkit would change drastically between now and the time it is officially launched. However, the social media post regarding the release sounded optimistic about the new project and hinted that it is going to make a great difference in the future of augmented reality.

TikTok x AR

TikTok introduced its first AR effects only last year. It offers a wide variety of interactive, non-interactive, and immersive experiences for the users to enjoy. Earlier this year, the company released their first-ever LiDAR-enabled AR filter compatible with iPhone Pro as well as iPhone Pro Max to celebrate the new year. Now, they wish to move forward with further enhancement of their technology and offer its users more exciting features to enjoy. As part of their endeavour, they are about to introduce the TikTok Effect Studios.

Future of TikTok

While talking about the new AR development platform, a TikTok spokesperson said that TikTok, as a leading social media of today’s time, always strives for adding more value to the community, as well as enhance the short video experience for the users. The new AR development toolkit is dedicated to providing additional aid to the developers so that they can bring their amazing creative ideas to life and share them with the larger TikTok community.


Like Snapchat’s own AR development platform Lens Studio, TikTok’s new Effect Studio will also be available as a dedicated desktop app on both Mac and Windows PC. According to the tech company, however, the toolkit should not be combined with any third-party applications.

Sign up

Interested AR developers to access this private beta will have to log in to their TikTok accounts and sign up for the early access available at Once they sign up, they can start developing AR filters with the toolkit. However, to sign up, the developers will have to provide their full name, TikTok username, and email ID. They will also have to answer a bunch of questions regarding some aspects, including experience with augmented reality and platform of choice.

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