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Thundercomm and Inseye Launch Eye Tracking for AR Glasses

Thundercomm and Inseye work together to develop camera-free eye tracking

XR eye-tracking technology supplier Inseye has established a partnership with XR ODM partner Thundercomm. The firms claim that the alliance intends to create a new benchmark for interactive augmented reality (AR) experiences by integrating Inseye’s technology across the line of goods that Thundercomm and its partners provide.

According to Inseye, its camera-free technology’s small form factor and low power consumption (less than 5mW), two essential characteristics for wearable technology, make it perfect for stylish eyewear designs. Because of its high 1000Hz sampling rate, Inseye provides a gaze prediction-based foveated rendering solution for AR eye-tracking. The business said that having this kind of capabilities is necessary for developing intuitive and engaging augmented reality experiences without the need for conventional touchpads or hand controllers.

ThunderSoft and Qualcomm Technologies formed a joint venture called Thundercomm to combine ThunderSoft’s operating system expertise with Qualcomm’s system-on-chip (SoC) technology. With a focus on fusing cloud computing, IoT, 5G, AI, and other technologies, Thundercomm provides complete solutions ranging from smart modules to finished goods for a variety of uses, such as AR/VR glasses.

According to Ian Zhang, Thundercomm’s Director of Product Marketing, their joint venture with Inseye is a first step towards achieving a grand objective. Our goal is to include eye-tracking into thin AR glasses, which is a difficult yet unmet market demand. While there is a definite market for stylish, eye-tracking-capable augmented reality devices, no current product completely satisfies this need. Through this partnership, they want to use our network to prove our partners the viability and usefulness of eye-tracking in augmented reality.

Thundercomm’s emphasis on cutting-edge technology and its network of OEM/ODM partners will be used in this partnership. According to the firms, the incorporation of Inseye’s technology would facilitate the creation of gaze-ready AR glasses and other XR devices, which will improve user engagement and provide a more organic and intuitive experience.

According to Piotr Krukowski, CTO of Inseye, the company places a great importance on its partnership with Thundercomm, an industry leader in original design manufacturing (ODM) and renowned for its profitable XR products. Together, they want to make AR technology more user-friendly and instinctive, and they believe this partnership will help them achieve what they want. With Thundercomm’s aid, our cameraless eye tracking system can reach more people, thanks to their reputation for creativity and knowledge in the XR industry.

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