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The University of Findlay is the first to use AR technology in its sonography program

The College of Health Professions at the University of Findlay is the very first educational program in the U.S.A. to incorporate a new AR technology instance developed by MediView XR, Inc. into their Sonography Program syllabus.

MediView, an Ohio-based medtech firm associated with Microsoft and GE Healthcare, strives to transform healthcare with an accessible visual supported by remote interactions, and AR evidence. As per MediView, the innovations are designed to mutually enhance several aspects such as health outcomes, medical imaging, clinical agility, and the availability of advanced medical services.

MediView’s technologies enable sonographers to place their screen wherever they want, according to Adam Rakestraw, MediView XR, Inc’s Chairman, and co-founder. He said that currently there are a lot of logistical advantages to users from placing a display in their direct view with the patient and their own hands, hinting that the feature was quite instinctual. Rakestraw stated that the cornerstone of this new technology is augmented reality. AR employs digitised glasses that are capable of showing display imagery including ultrasounds to the field-of-view of a user whilst enabling the user to observe and engage with their surroundings. According to estimates,  the technology is likely to grow massively in the next few years. It will be utilised in sectors such as healthcare and education in a wide variety of ways.

Katherine Fell, Ph.D., the President of the University of Findlay remarked that she is overjoyed to discover the remarkable scope of the technology for students in the domain of health studies. She described the MediView XR team members to be proficient and remarked that she was happy about the collaborative effort. Fell also said that she was impressed by the donors who came forward to help in achieving the acquisition of various advanced technologies for the institution’s students.

The University of Findlay is the very first institution in the USA to use cutting-edge augmented reality technology in its Sonography Program. The university can now take pride in becoming the only institution for getting the technology to date. According to Mina Fahim, CEO and President, MediView, the technology has not even been used in nursing or physician assistant institutions and reiterated that the University of Findlay is the very first institute to get its hands on it. Fahim applauded the dedication of the university as a partner of the company.

Susan Watters, D.H.Sc., Sonography Assistant Professor, Director of Sonography Programs, and chair of the Diagnostic Services Department, also expressed her enthusiasm about witnessing the potential benefits of the technology being used in the institution’s program. Watters said the Sonography Program will create a lot of opportunities for those studying at the university. The MediScout (XR30 model) will be used by the University in the Sonography Program course to help the students prepare themselves for being a part of the industry in the future. There is also a lot of potential for further developments in AR tech.

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